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Temporal Landmarks

A temporal landmark is a time that stands out from most other times and holds special meaning.


They act as points of transition. As a result, people are more open to starting new things at these times because they feel they have a greater likelihood of accomplishing them.


Consider creating marketing campaigns that coincide with temporal landmarks.


Think in terms of the beginning of seasons, quarters, semesters, months, pay periods, and weeks. Also personal milestone events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, the start of a new job, the move to a new city, marriage, the birth of a child, the purchase of a home, retirement, ect.


People put off behaviors when they perceive the payoff to be too distant. If the reward is distant, help customers envision themselves in the future as being very much like the person they are in the present. 


Make a distant reward seem closer.


Certain marketing requires overcoming temporal discounting. Examples include weight loss, anti smoking and college enrollment.


In these cases, promote potential customers to see their past selves and their future selves as being separate. You want someone to feel that who they were yesterday is not who they are today, and that the person today can accomplish more because of this transition point that they have hit.


Ways to apply Temporal Landmarks in your marketing…


Send communications at the start of the week.


Take advantage of holidays.


Consider non-holiday special days, such as Tax Day and back-to-school day.


Time your B2B communications to use temporal landmarks such as the start of the fiscal year, the end of a quarter, and the beginning of a company's busy season.


If you have the data, don't overlook personal landmarks, such as the anniversary of when someone bought a house, won an award, or adopted a pet.


Allow customers to delay their payments.


Offer instant gratification, including overnight shipping, immediate downloads, and ungated content.


Discount your product by providing a mail rebate. The idea of saving money prompts people to purchase right away, but some may not get around to requesting their rebate.will


Highlight ways you deliver immediate value, even if the ultimate value your product or service provides comes at a later date.

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