Numbers – Jesse Grillo
Numbers that mean the same thing, or are close to the same thing, can be perceived very differently.

If you want something to sound LONGER, use the bigger unit of measure.


One month sounds longer than 30 days.


One hour sounds longer than 60 minutes.


A "three month" guarantee sounds longer than "90 days".


When you want something to sound SMALLER - break the cost down to a smaller time frame (month, day, etc.), or compare its cost to something everyone can relate to.


If your service sells for $216 a year, it could be $18/month, or less than $.60 a day.


If you want a number to look BIGGER, include zeroes.


5 million versus 5,000,000 (all the zeroes make the number look bigger)

25k versus 25,000


$49 sounds MORE AFFORDABLE than $50, as does $99 compared to $100.


Ending a price with an odd number works better than ending a price with an even number.


Tests have found that $7.99 is better than $7.94.


Some tests also revealed that $7.97 worked better than $7.99.



Don't leave money on the table by setting a lower price when a slightly higher price might seem similar. $69 and $79 may both sound similar to prospects, but $79 will make you more money.


Lucky Number 7…


If you ask somebody to give you a number from 1 to 10 right off the top of their head, chances are the number 7 will be chosen more often than any other number, often dwarfing the next choice.


Using the number 7 in a book title such as "The Seven Ways to Improve Your Relationships" or "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" is utilizing the most common and familiar integer of the first ten.


You are vibrating with the familiar and harmonizing with your reader when you include the number 7 in your marketing efforts.


A/B test different numbers to see which drives the most conversions.

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