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Craft specific messages to your customer base.


Being specific in your explanations is very critical and can establish your credibility.


When potential customers perceive certain general statements as puffery or typical marketing babble, those statements are at best discounted and accepted with some doubts.


Statements with specific facts can generate strong believability.


By being specific you sound like you're an expert on your product. You've really investigated it and are very knowledgeable. This builds trust and confidence.


When you make a specific claim using the exact facts and figures, your message is much more credible and often trusted.


Be specific every time you describe your unique selling proposition.


Process for making specific ads…


Know your potential customers' core pain points.


Think of all of the reasons why someone would be searching for advice on that subject.


Make a list of all of the reasons and write really detailed ads about those topics.


By going down to this level of specificity you’ll walk through how to solve a specific pain point.


Ads become easier to write. Instead of writing on a broad topic with tons of different angles you could take, you now have really defined topics that she can go into extreme detail on.


The ads will resonate more with your audience. The topics now speak directly to a problem, challenge or question the audience might be having.


You’re able to form a deeper relationship with the reader when you relate on more specific things.


These ads will have higher conversion rates but lower traffic.


Before you write that next ad, make sure it’s not generic.


Is it specific enough? Or could you break that broad idea into multiple ads?


Be as specific as possible in developing your marketing messages. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, focus your messaging on your potential customers and how your product or service will benefit them.


For this to be successful, you need to have a clear, concise picture of who your customers are.


The more vague you are with your marketing in attempts to appeal to all, the more you turn off those who would otherwise be interested.



Know your customers and create your marketing strategies accordingly, whether it’s in the way you write your company’s blog content or simply how you design the pages and copy on your website.

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