CBD Customer Lists... the Best Way to grow your CBD business.

Ready to gain an unfair advantage?

Laser target your next best CBD customer with a CBD customer and subscriber list.

Customers that have made a CBD purchase within the last 12 months. Includes their full name, physical address, email address and phone number.

Subscribers that are actively subscribed to a CBD ecommerce newsletter within the last 12 months.

What could you do with your list?

( check all laws and platform rules in your area )


Send ongoing email campaigns.

Direct Mail

Send a physical piece of mail.

Customer Lists

Upload this list to Facebook/Instagram and Google and target just this list with your ads.


Target millions of potential customers on Facebook/Instagram and Google that have the same demographics as your list.

And much, much more...

This is NOT a list of people who...

- Have an interest in CBD

- Search for CBD online

- Or read CBD articles


This IS a list of real people who...

have spent their hard earned money and have purchased CBD products.

Or are actively subscribed to a CBD ecommerce newsletter.

Selling is Easy

CBD customers and subscribers are the most likely to purchase your CBD products.

You do not have to educate them about CBD.

Or make sure they understand the benefits.

They already know about, or have purchased, CBD products and are interested in what you are selling.

Customer acquisition can get very tedious and costly.

List purchasing is cost effective and gives you time to focus on what matters — sales.


We've purchased these lists directly from successful CBD companies within the last 12 months.


Half of your list will contain CBD customer information who have made a purchase within the last 12 months. This includes their full name, physical address, email address and phone number.

The other half are people who have actively subscribed to a CBD ecommerce newsletter within the past 12 months.


Guaranteed 95%+ accurate information.


You'll receive a spreadsheet and have complete ownership.


Each listing will only be sold 5 times. Ensuring your list will be highly responsive to your advertising.


Purchased from us before?

No problem! We'll make sure each list you buy only contains 100% new information.

Get The Best List For Your CBD Business


Test a small list and see the profitable results.


per listing


Give your current marketing efforts a massive boost in sales.


per listing


For brands looking to dominate the CBD space.


per listing

Jesse Grillo //  Owner

A common marketing term is "the money is in the list". And it's true!

This is the most sought after information for anyone selling CBD.

And it's nearly impossible to find!

Listen. This is good stuff.

You should try it.

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Since 2005, digital marketing has been my world. Consulting for hundreds of successful businesses and creating thousands of profitable marketing campaigns. 

With a passionate curiosity, my business has grown into a digital marketing agency with a staff of the brightest and savviest professionals that hold a complete dedication to your success.

Focusing on your return on investment, our marketing firm will craft profitable marketing campaigns that have a real impact on your bottom line.

I look forward to working with you.

Jesse Grillo

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I am also the creator of Marketing Mastery. A detailed blueprint of the exact approaches I've used to create wildly profitable marketing systems for my agency and for my clients.

This training comes with no-frills “get it done” videos of me personally walking you through everything.

This is Your Step-by-Step Blueprint For Making More Money In Less Time, With Less Effort, Attracting Your Ideal Customers And Experiencing A Quantum Breakthrough In Your Business.

Business and Customer Lists

The most sought after information for any type of marketing.

CBD Customer Lists

Design. Build. Grow.

Digital Marketing Services

The cornerstone of effective digital marketing is knowing your customer, intimately.

We'll research all available data about your future customers.

Giving us insights into everything from buying preferences to demographics.

This data blends with our award-winning creative team, creating ads that speak directly to your customer base.

We then build marketing structures on channels that directly connect with your customers.

Delivering you the highest return on your investment.

Your Partner in Success.

  • Large Scale Agency.
  • 20+ Years of Experience.
  • No Long Term Contracts.
  • Every Marketing Channel.
  • Return on Investment Guarantee.
  • No fluff. No Nonsense.


(Week One)

A deep dive into understanding everything about your customers.

Strategizing marketing that speaks directly to your future customers in their language.


(Week Two)

Campaigns crafted from our research.

Built on marketing channels most likely to deliver conversions.

Using language that resonates and drives traffic into conversions.


(Daily Managment)

Constant campaigns oversight with A/B testing to optimize engagement and produce the maximum return on your advertising spend.


(Ongoing Insights)

As your partner in success, you'll have direct access to Jesse Grillo.

Offering insights to help your business become success as it can be.

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