What makes me a "marketing guru"? – Jesse Grillo

I wanted to share some information about myself and show you what’s possible when you achieve marketing mastery.

What makes me a “marketing guru”?

GrilloWell. That’s me.

Except that picture is about eight years old. So I’m older looking and …umm …more “well fed” looking these days.

ANYWAY, In my early 20s I owned a small book publishing business that I did my own marketing for.

It turns out I had a real knack for marketing.

After successfully marketing my own business I began marketing other publishing businesses. In just a few months my marketing efforts became way more profitable than my publishing business.

So I got out of publishing and started my first marketing agency that quickly became the #1 crowdfunding marketing agency in the world.

My second marketing agency became #1 in the world for marketing Etsy products and stores.

[ The success of both these agencies came from computer programs I built ( I’m a nerd ). These computer programs would collect email addresses, phone numbers and other valuable information from crowdfunding websites and Etsy.com. As you’ll learn, that type of information is the most valuable asset when creating profitable marketing campaigns. ]


After selling my Etsy marketing agency I spent a few years as a high end marketing consultant before starting my current agency, JesseGrillo.com.

Which, by the way, is currently the #1 marketing agency for CBD products and brands.


Between agency fees, product sales, book sales and our online training program, my current marketing agency makes around $30,000 per week.

I work completely from home, part time. And I live on the beach in beautiful Redondo Beach California.

My staff is a few part time employees who work online and I’ve never met in person.

The only reports I do are brief emails or quick phone chats which take less than a few hours a month.

I only accept the companies I really want to work with and I take on a limited number of clients at a time.

There is usually a wait list to become a client at my agency, currently the wait is 9 months.


I have complete power over my life and have the financial freedom to travel, take good care of my family and to give back to the world.

And that’s what Marketing Mastery is. A way to give back to the world.


How was I able to do all this?

The honest truth is that I did nothing but work and study marketing/psychology/persuasion for over 10 years. [ I still read 2-3 hours a day ]


And in all my work and studying I discovered something you might already know.

Marketing is full of modern day snake oil salesmen. And the majority of marketing is a waste of time. Created to suck the money out of your wallet.

Because I focused on results for my clients, not trying to sell them snake oil, I was able to obtain much success.


And now that knowledge is available to you in Marketing Mastery.

It’s an online academy I created. Containing video lessons of me personally explaining all aspects of marketing.

Marketing that creates profitable results. Not snake oil.


I made it so you can try Marketing Mastery 7 Days for $7.

If you don’t fall in love with it in 7 days, cancel and you won’t be charged another penny.

If you do fall in love with Marketing Mastery, you’ll be charged $0.66 a day [ $19.99 a month ] for access to the best marketing knowledge on the planet.


That’s a silly low price for what you’re getting.


And that’s on purpose. Marketing Mastery was created to bring you actual profitable marketing knowledge. Not to make me a bunch of money.

Although to be honest, Marketing Mastery has been very successful with thousands of students learning how to be marketing masters.

I find that the universe tends to reward people that create value and deliver it to the people that need it.


Click here to see a video of me showing you exactly what you’re getting with Marketing Mastery.


You can apply this marketing knowledge however you like. By starting your own marketing agency, becoming a marketing consultant or marketing for your own business and products.

Marketing Mastery gives you the freedom to choose how you want to be successful with your marketing.


None of this is complicated. Marketing Mastery is built off universal marketing and psychology mental models that can be applied to any aspect of marketing.


Worst case, you’ll get 7 days of amazing marketing knowledge for only $7.

Best case, you’ll gain mastery over marketing and use it to get what you want out of life.


Click Here and Give Marketing Mastery a try. I know you will love it and share it with others.


Thank you for taking the time to read this email and I look forward to being part of your marketing success.

Jesse Grillo

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