Simplicity – Jesse Grillo
The easier to understand, the higher your sales.

Keep your marketing simple. The positioning of your product must be simple. Your offer must be simple. Keep your entire presentation as simple as possible while still getting across your message.


Focus on what you are trying to accomplish and eliminate things that complicate or aren't necessary.


Your marketing should be able to be read by the less educated potential customers as well as the more educated and come across clearly. It is not good style to write either "up" or "down" to anybody.


Do not try to impress with your use of big words. Someone who might not be familiar with your fancy words will be lost.


Words are stories/emotional images. Each word has an impact sometimes greater than we think. Using simple words has the greatest impact.


Using words that everybody can understand has a greater impact than words that most potential customers have difficulty with.


Successful marketing reads much more like we talk than we're supposed to write. Using conversational English and popular slang.


They often employ choppy sentences frowned on by stylebooks: "It's a fact. It's guaranteed. It's proven.”


Schoolbook grammar is irrelevant. Your marketing should make lots of English teachers unhappy.


Use every weapon in your arsenal-odd punctuation and phrasing, nonsentences, one-word exclamations, buzzwords-to push and prod and pull the reader along, and to create momentum and excitement.


Write with enough clarity so that a fifth grader could understand it. The lower the grade level, the wider the audience.


The greater the clarity, the broader the appeal and the greater the response. Clarity is one of the most important factors in marketing.


Vary the length of sentences and use 3-syllable words when you need them.


Keep your layouts simple.


Things like color bars across an ad, fancy type that is difficult to read and lines that draw your eyes away from the ad copy can hurt comprehension.


Fancy typefaces may look good but they often give the lowest comprehension scores.


Use simple words that are more familiar to your customer base.


As a marketing master, be aware of the powerful force of familiarity to make a potential customer comfortable with your product or service.


Realize the importance of a familiar brand name, a logo that appears many times and becomes well known, a layout that potential customers instinctively know is yours, familiar phrases (not clichés) and words that your customers can harmonize with all of these create the bond that familiarity creates between you and your customers.

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