Selling the Cure – Jesse Grillo
Selling the Cure
Have your product represent cures, not preventatives.


One of the least understood reasons why many products fail is due to one aspect of human nature.


Understand this aspect and not only do you hold the key to creating a successful ad, but you will also understand clearly why some products just plain don't sell.


The key to successfully marketing certain products lies in the nature of that product and the way that product is viewed in the marketplace.


The guiding principle can be summed up very clearly: Always sell the cure and avoid selling prevention.


If you were my potential customer and I tried to sell you a magic pill that would help prevent cancer, chances are it would be a difficult sale.


On the other hand, if you suddenly discovered you had cancer and I said to you that I had a magic pill that would cure the disease, you would be not only willing to try it, but willing to pay considerably more.


In the first instance, you might be willing to pay $20 but in the other you might be willing to pay $1,000.



It is human nature to think you're never going to get the affliction that the preventative can prevent, so it becomes a very tough sell.


If you do get the disease or affliction, you're willing to pay a whole lot more for the cure than you were for the preventative and it's easier to sell.


This theory applies to most products and concepts.


You must first make a decision when evaluating a product. Is this product a preventative or a cure? Can the product be positioned as a cure rather than a preventative?


If you've got a preventative, think in terms of how you can change it into a cure.


Preventatives don't sell very easily and some products can be changed from preventatives to cures.


You can charge a lot more for a cure than you can for a preventative.


Emphasize your product's curative aspects while underplaying its preventative aspects.


You can make the appeal of the preventative as strong as the appeal of the cure. But only if you can position the product to make the preventative the cure.

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