Scarcity – Jesse Grillo

Potential customers place more value on things that are harder to get.


Scarcity increases desirability. As a result, limited times, quantities, opportunities and limited access to information can all motivate your potential customers. So can the feeling that they can obtain something that not everyone else can, simply because of who they are or the group they belong to.


As opportunities become less available, we lose freedoms and we hate to lose the freedoms we already have.


Not only do potential customers want the same item more when it becomes scarce, we want it most when we are in competition for it.


Potential customers want items and experiences that are limited, and often enjoy them more.


Deadlines drive decisions. By simply having these, you can point to them and let human beings push themselves over the edge so as not to miss out.


Urgency prompts potential customers to take quick action more often.


Ways to use Scarcity in your marketing…


Use deadlines and expiration dates when you have them. Response increases as the deadline nears.


If you don't have a hard and fast deadline, imply one.


Show countdown clocks in your email, or on your landing pages and websites. A countdown clock in an email can increase your conversion rate by 22 percent.


Use words that reference time, such as now, today, tonight, tomorrow, minutes, hours, this week only, soon, dated contents enclosed, time's running out, and right now. The words today, tomorrow, and days left used in an email subject line can lift opening rates by double-digit percentages.


Choose words that suggest speed, such as hurry, rush, immediate, instantly, don't delay, don't be disappointed, flash sale, and open at once.


Write headlines, direct mail teaser copy, and subject lines with words that focus your reader, such as alert, attention, caution, and notice.


Combine urgency with loss aversion.


Include language in your messaging that warns the offer may not be repeated, or that this is the only chance to take advantage of it, or that the offer may be with drawn at any time.


Use phrases such as last chance, final notice, reminder, and second attempt in key pieces of your marketing.


Flag items that are newly back in stock or expected to sell out, and events that are filling up fast or have only a few seats left.


Highlight items that are only available seasonally.


Add a clock or hourglass emoji to your subject line.


Use language that references availability, such as limited quantities and while supplies last.



Indicate when other potential customers are looking at the same item that has a finite quantity.


Restrict the number of items any one potential customer can purchase.

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