Satisfaction Conviction

Satisfaction Conviction
Raise an objection and resolve it but go beyond what potential customers expect.


A satisfaction conviction is more than a trial period. It conveys a message from you to your potential customer that says, "I'm so convinced you will like this product that I'm going to do something for your benefit to prove how incredible my offer is."


If your potential customer, after reading what you are going to do, says something like, "They must really believe in their product," or "How can they do it?" or "Are they going to get ripped off by customers who will take advantage of their generosity?" then you know you've got a great example of a satisfaction conviction.

Convey a conviction that your customer is going to be so satisfied that you are willing to do something that is rarely done.


An offer that goes well beyond the trial period and can be classified as a satisfaction conviction.


Make a satisfaction conviction that removes any remaining resistance to buying in.


The ideal satisfaction conviction should raise an objection and resolve it, but in resolving it, go beyond what potential customers expect.


But be careful to use a satisfaction conviction that makes sense for the offer. You wouldn't want to raise an objection and then satisfy it with the wrong resolution. Make sure any objection is indeed satisfied by the correct resolution. It's got to make sense.



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