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Potential customers find adcopy that rhymes more truthful and are more likely to like, remember, and repeat that adcopy.

When your copy rhymes, your audience will find it to be more memorable, believe it to be more accurate, and feel more confident in their ability to make a decision about it.

Marketing slogans that contain rhymes are generally perceived as more trustworthy convincing, likable, original, and memorable than slogans that don’t contain a rhyme.


Rhyming phrases are more cognitively fluent, which means they are easier for the brain to process.

Things that are easier for the brain to process feel right, and as a result, people often assume they are.

Consider rhymes to emphasize a product benefit or answer a common objection.

You don’t want your whole message to be in verse. That will cause the listener to focus more on the mechanics of the delivery and wording rather than the message itself.

Consider having a rhyming dictionary on hand when reviewing your marketing campaigns.

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