Potential customers have a hard time rejecting reciprocity and will feel obligated to buy from you.


Potential customers like to get things, particularly things for free. But behavioral scientists have found that once they receive them, they feel indebted to the giver and obliged to return the favor-even if they never asked for the gift in the first place. You can tap into this hardwired desire to reciprocate and use it to get more than you gave.

You can’t trigger reciprocity by offering a gift in return for completing an action. While that can be effective, it is simply providing an incentive. To trigger reciprocity, make your gift unconditional.



Ways to use reciprocity in your marketing…


Email a series of weekly tips to your customers and prospects that will help them accomplish their business or personal goals.


Send a regular e-newsletter that curates information that will appeal to your target, that will keep them current about a shared interest, or that includes content that you have created specifically for them.

Consider not gating at least some of the resources on your website, so your prospects and customers can access tools and advice that they'll find valuable.


Send reminders so that potential customers don't miss important deadlines.


Offer free samples, free trials, complimentary assessments or evaluations.


Surprise customers with a credit, discount, or secret sale.


In B2B, recommend or refer other companies you work with.


Recognize your customers' birthdays, anniversaries and other achievements with a small, unexpected gift or a warm acknowledgment.

Provide content that delivers a short entertainment break in your target's day.


Create a library of how-to videos that your customers and prospects can refer to.


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