Novelty – Jesse Grillo

Potential customers respond to things that are new.


And those things don't have to be brand new. They can simply be new to the person, or new twists on an existing product or service


When potential customers are about to discover something new, their brains release dopamine, which produces a pleasant feeling. Potential customers are hardwired to seek information.


Ways to use novelty in your marketing…


Pop the word "new" in your headlines, titles, subject lines, and teasers. A/B test similar words like introducing, announcing, now, finally, soon, innovative, debuting, latest, emerging, never before seen, and at last.


For a verb, choose discover over learn, because learn sounds arduous and discover suggests fun.


Lead off your communications with what's new. Don't bury news.


Use violators, labels, and other visual cues to flag new products, features, and extensions so potential customers can easily spot them.


Create a separate area on your website or in your marketing communications to highlight your new offerings.


Find and market new uses for your existing products.

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