Nouns are specific. Nouns suggest identity. And nouns can help marketers get the behavior they seek.

Nouns create a sense of who someone is, and once that is established, that potential customer knows the corresponding behavior to take.

Referring to someone using a noun is more powerful than simply telling them what you want them to do using a verb. For example, it would be more effective to ask, "Would you like to be a new home owner?" than to ask, "Would you like to own a new home?"

Favor nouns over verbs when addressing your customers and prospects. For example, refer to them as chocolate eaters rather than potential customers who eat chocolates.

Referring to your customers using a noun can be more effective than telling them what you want them to do using a verb. For example, call them an owner versus a potential customer who owns.

The use of nouns and other specific, concrete language has been shown to increase customer satisfaction and sales.


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