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Mere Exposure Effect

Mere Exposure Effect

We Like Things We’ve Seen Before.

The more often people have previously been exposed to something, the more they like it. 

The mere exposure effect occurs even if people do not consciously remember that they have seen the object before.

The mere exposure effect has been proven effective in overall retention. Even fleeting, repeated encounters with your marketing can create a warmth toward your brand, which is factored into consumer judgments and behavior down the line.

Even if you don’t click on the ad that’s been following you around the internet all week, the fact that you’ve had repeated encounters with it,  even if you do not register it consciously, means you’re more likely to reach for it than its competitors on equal footing.

While this repeated exposure effect finds an obvious application in online retargeting efforts, marketers can also keep it in mind as they create integrated campaigns across multiple channels by using consistent visuals and messaging. ( Omnipresence )

Potential consumers tend to have a relatively high level of tolerance for repeated exposure to ads. Don’t worry about overexposure, it is almost never an issue.

The effects of mere exposure are subtle. You are not going to turn brand hate into brand love by mere exposure alone. However, if consumers have to choose between two brands, each with comparable brand equity, mere exposure to one might tip the balance.

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