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Long Ad Copy

There is no such thing as ad copy that is too long.


Ad copy is never too long if the reader takes the action you request. Therefore, it can't be dull, it must be compelling, it must relate to the reader and, finally, it's got to be about something the reader is interested in.


What we're talking about here is the Slide Covered in Baby Oil concept. Ad copy must be so compelling that it will be read from the beginning to the end. Everything else is secondary. If you don't write 

compelling copy, you'll never get the reader to read the part of the ad copy that sells your product.


If the ad delivers, the reader will be intensely interested in it and will read it with intensity.

The ad copy has to be long enough to tell the entire story or make the entire sales pitch. No longer and no shorter. Of course there are certain practical limits, but even these can be broken.

The higher the price point, the more ad copy required to justify the price or create the need.


This is a general rule unless the price point is perceived to be a tremendous value (then less ad copy may be required) or the lower price point appears to lack credibility (then more ad copy is required).


More ad copy will increase the value of a product and add many more dollars to your retail price.

By educating the consumer you can demand more money for your product.

The more unusual the product, the more you need to relate that product to the user and the more you've got to focus on creating the buying environment and explaining the product's new features.


There are two basic reasons for using the long ad copy approach. The first is to allow you to create an environment that will place your potential customer in the proper buying mood, and the second is to give you the time necessary to tell the full story of your product.


But short ad copy is usually all that is required if the price points are low enough.


Copy should be long enough to cause the reader to take the action you request. A/B test different lengths of ad copy.

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