Leading the Reader – Jesse Grillo
Leading the Reader
Lead your potential customer, by the flow of your ad copy, to ask the question we want to answer.


Start by writing the headline. Will it grab the reader?


Then write the subheadline. Will it compel the reader to read further?


Then write the caption to go under a captivating image. Is all this strong enough to get potential customers to read the first sentence?


Then write the first sentence.


With the first paragraph you create interest and excitement for this product.


With the second paragraph you start to weave the drama of the product.


Then you go into the next block of ad copy and explain why and how the product is different and some of the unique features.


The next block of ad copy has the quality of the product and the many new features.


The next block should justify the purchase.


If you have gotten the reader onto the slide covered in baby oil and all the way to the end of an ad, it's that last part of the ad where you've got to explain the offer to the prospect, why it's a good offer and why he or she should buy the product, and then you've got to do something dramatic to push him over the edge with a strong call to action.

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