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Isolation Effect
When multiple similar objects are present, the one that differs is most likely to be remembered.

Make your marketing messages strategically different from your competitors' by paying attention to your choice of color, models, placement, size, language, props, sound, and use of motion.


Marketing that strategically stands out will increase awareness, recall, and sales. However, being too different can backfire. Make sure your marketing registers with your potential customer.


The context your message appears in, or what is surrounding it, influences how noticeable and memorable it is. If it looks very much like everything around it, your marketing message can blend right in.

If there is something different about it, something that makes it stand out from its background or apart from the items it is grouped with, it will have a far greater chance of being paid attention to and, as a result, lodging in your prospect's memory.


The goal is to stand out in your immediate environment, where there may be many unrelated messages vying for your prospect's attention, and also to stand out within your product or service category, where appearing too similar to your competitors can sink your sales.

Ways to apply the isolation effect in your marketing…


It is a mistake to make your ad so captivating that people pay attention to it and remember it, but not the marketing message associated with it. Instead, stand out in a way that is linked to the message you want people to retain.


Make the option you want customers to notice slightly larger than the ones around it. Or frame it in a color.

Position calls to action with ample white space around them, so they are noticeable.


Put key messages like "limited quantities" or "free" in violators.


Write a headline that's contrary to popular opinion or belief.

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