Input Bias

Potential customers often use the amount of time or effort that is put into something as an indicator of the quality of that thing.

People will use the time and effort put into the creation of a product or service as a proxy for the actual quality of that product or service. While the two are sometimes related, they are not always. Yet potential customers will rely on this information as a way to make a short-hand decision.

Potential customers may automatically assume more effort equals better output. When they are involved with the product they are more likely to see the amount of effort and their input bias may trigger.


When you involve users in the process of creating your products or services, they are more likely to convert when you sell it to them.


Give potential customers the option of having your products customized for them. Offering a customizable option involves your potential customers and may trigger their input bias.


You can trigger input bias, and therefore increase the perceived value of their products and services, by mentioning how much went into the development of them.


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