Hot State Decision Making

Hot State Decision Making

When potential customers act in a way that addresses that immediate feeling and that feeling alone.


Hot-state decision making explains why potential customers purchase more food if they go grocery shopping when they're hungry. Why a flash sale can prompt an impulse buy. And why donors can be moved to contribute to a charity after reading the evocative story of a particular victim.


When consumers encounter promotions while shopping, they are compelled to act on their visceral impulses. Hot-states lead to a reduction in immediate self-control.


Many marketing campaigns emphasize immediate action with hot phrases like “One day only!” and “Call now!”


Catchy slogans, such as “Just Do It” and “Obey Your Thirst,” tap into these visceral states and motivate immediate consumer behavior.


Potential consumers will buy products during hot-states through simple reminders of their visceral depletions.


These moments of heightened emotion are propelled by physical need-based drives, such as hunger, pain, and sexual arousal, and have a profound effect on behavior.


When in a hot-state, an individual narrows his focus on the immediate goal of alleviating or relieving the visceral deprivation.


Your emotions, which dictate your preferences, have shifted and intensified on a particular object. In the moment, you have a greater emotional reaction that motivates.


Ways to create Hot-State Decision Making in your marketing…


Use visceral descriptions that include physical need-based drives, such as hunger, pain, and sexual arousal.


Touch on their core pain points.


Include reminders of their visceral depletions. Hungry? Feed Your Hunger! Satisfy Hunger!


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