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 Framing the same information differently can drive different reactions to it.

Use framing to change the way people think about a product, service, or need.

By framing the options to underscore what someone may miss out on, you can trigger loss aversion and prompt a positive response.



People may seek out a 95 percent fat-free product and avoid a 5 percent fat product.

A cheap product can be framed as a bargain.

An older style can be framed as a classic.

A company that offers limited services can be framed as a specialist.


yes or no buttons

The key is to frame the no option in a way that points out the folly of not saying yes.


For example, one button could say "Yes, I want the white paper now."


The other button could say, "No, I don't need to know what my competition is doing."


When the choices are framed that way, it can be much more difficult for your prospect to say no.


Ways to apply framing in your marketing…


Reframe potential drawbacks so they're viewed in a more positive manner.


A basic version of a product could be framed as having all the necessary functionality without any of the distracting add-ons.

Refer to the cost of your service as an investment versus an expense.


Choose your descriptive words carefully, because they will influence your target's perceptions and actions.


When using yes and no buttons, use the copy on the no button to frame the consequences of not saying yes.


Test framing your product in terms of the experience that customers will have with it versus the money they'll save on or with it, because experiencing a product can foster an emotional response to it.


Use framing to get people to see things in a new way or in a marketer's preferred way. And they will respond to messages framed to direct how they see and think about a product or service.

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