Flowing in a Logical Sequence – Jesse Grillo

Flowing in a Logical Sequence

Flowing in a Logical Sequence
Your ad copy must be in an understandable order where each thought flows logically to the next.


Anticipate the sequence of what will be asked next and how your ad copy should flow.


Anticipate the questions the potential customer will ask in almost the same order the potential customer will ask them.


You might find it helpful to create a block diagram of your ad after you've written it to see if it flows properly and raises the right question at the right time.


How do you want to sequence your questions in your copy?


What kind of environment do you want to weave through the early part of the text?


What are some of the questions you would surely be asked about the product?



The ideas presented in your ad copy should flow in a logical fashion, anticipating your prospect's questions and answering them.

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