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Wanting to Feel special and privileged is a desire craved by everyone.

Exclusivity elicits many psychological rewards including a sense of belonging and importance.


When your product is exclusive, so are its benefits. Being one of the few to have access to these benefits puts you in an elite group, creating a strong sense of belonging and community.


Being a part of this group and having access to these benefits gives people a boost of confidence. They feel important and at an advantage.


The less available something is, the more attractive and special it looks. (scarcity)

Using exclusivity in your marketing can help you build an engaged and loyal customer base. It can also give you more freedom with how you spend your energy and time in your business.


Don’t say yes to most potential customers. Say yes to only a tiny group of people who represent your dream customer. When you’re selective about who you’re willing to work with, it creates a heightened sense of desirability.


By having high standards and being exclusive, the customers you pick will consider themselves lucky to gain the opportunity. They’re completely invested in your services, motivated, and willing to pay premium prices.


This should all be based on delivering genuine value. Your clients should feel fortunate because they are fortunate.


A big benefit of being exclusive is that you can afford to give your customers the attention they need. You’re not stuck stretching yourself thin over too many clients, some of whom may not even be a good fit.


Focus on your dream clients. The ones you feel confident about helping. The ones you love working with.


Your customers are not very interested in your methods. What they want to know is, can you get them to their desired outcome. If you can promise the outcome, your business is that much more valuable.

Employ exclusivity in your communications by using VIP codes, restricted phone numbers or webpages, special discounts and offers, advance or exclusive access, status-conveying groups and membership tiers, badges and cards that offer recognition, personalized messaging.


Use words and phrases such as secret, sneak peek, just for, reserved, sourced from the top 1 percent, white glove, handcrafted, unique, unlike other companies, you've achieved, you've unlocked, you've been selected, and you have been invited.


Ways to use exclusivity in your marketing…


Provide prospects with a VIP code or a personalized identification number that is associated with their special offer, and tell them not to share it with anyone else.


Offer them access to a phone number, landing page, or specific webpages that are reserved for certain members only.


Give them special discounts, upgrades, complimentary services, or free gifts.


Grant them early access, inside details, or a special preview for something that they care about or something you're about to launch.


Let them know they are entitled to express processing, complimentary shipping, faster response, or a similar service because of who they are.


Pepper your copy with words and phrases such as secret, a sneak peek, a behind the scenes look, the truth behind, the untold story, the real story, confessions of, what they don't want you to know, what they won't tell you, never before shared, not previously revealed, what very few potential customers know, an insider account, and similar terms that suggest you have information they won't find in other places.


Make your channel exclusive.


Use language that makes potential customers feel special, such as reserved for, only for, just for, especially for, private, select, not available to the general public, and not everyone, to underscore exclusivity.


When describing products, use phrases that highlight scarcity, such as sourced from the top 1 percent, found only in one part of the world, and made from the highest quality, to set your offerings apart. customized, and best in class.


When describing services, use phrases such as white-glove, concierge.


Inject exclusivity into your product or service descriptions by using language such as handcrafted, artisanal, craft, one-of-a-kind, collector's item, special edition, limited edition, rare, not often seen, small batch, one of the few, award-winning, unique, and singular.


To emphasize that what you sell is better than the competition, choose phrases such as unlike other companies, uncommon in this category, unusual for, not typically available, and difficult to obtain.


Make your customer or prospect feel special by pointing out they've been selected, chosen, pre-approved, or that the usual requirements have been waived for them. Remind them that although they qualify, not everyone does, that this is a members only benefit, that they are one of only a certain number of potential customers that are eligible, that they have already been accepted, or that they are invited.


Choose empowering verbs that speak to exclusivity, such as you've earned, you've unlocked, you've achieved, you've been granted, and you've gained.


When laying out your proposition, invite potential customers to be one of the few or to be among the first, or to get the product or service before anyone else or before their friends.


Create customer tiers, groups, and categories with desirable sounding labels, like silver, gold, and platinum, and congratulate your potential customer on obtaining this advanced status.


Offer charter memberships in private groups.


Send your potential customer special recognition like membership cards, badges, and icons they can display.


Personalize your messages by the recipient's name or their initials, or by their expressed interests or previous behaviors, so that your message feels exclusive to them.

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