Evergreen – Jesse Grillo

Evergreen: An ad that has a very long life and can be productively used on a continuous rotational basis.


Invest in developing marketing assets, not just marketing campaigns.


Once you have a winning ad you want to concentrate on driving potential customers to it—not working on a new replacement for it.

No ad is "old" to the person giving it their attention for the first time.

Focus your effort on creating an evergreen marketing asset then deploy that asset every way, in every media possible, as much as possible, while targeting your customer base as much as possible.

Innovate and implement more; invent less.

Think like an investor, not a worker. When you do, your intention and objective will shift from doing marketing that will stir up some sales to building and owning evergreen marketing assets that will work for you consistently, in multiple media, over an extended period of time.


Agencies need companies to constantly need, want, and pay to replace "old" with "new," to create new ad campaigns and new media constantly. Saying "you have to do it because everybody is doing it."


Charlatans. All of them.


Think like an investor. Develop and own evergreen marketing assets. They will have one of the highest returns on investment for your business.

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