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You sell on emotion, but you justify a purchase with logic.

Every decision is an emotional decision at some level.


Whatever your logical reasons are for taking action, you only feel compelled to act on them because of emotion.


We can only be rational and logical after we have been emotional.



The primary mode of the brain is to feel; the secondary mode is to think. Our first response-the fast, feeling. Our second response-the slow, conscious portion of the brain that does the "thinking."


Your response tends to follow your emotions. Our thoughts and actions are rooted in what we find attractive, not necessarily in what is logical.



Appealing to emotion is typically more powerful than appealing to reason. If a topic makes someone feel emotional, they will rarely be interested in the data.


Most potential customers believe that the reasonable is the one that benefits them: the one that satisfies their desires.


Every word has an emotion associated with it and tells a story.


Every good ad is an emotional outpouring of words, feelings and impressions.


In writing copy for an advertisement, often you get your reader in an emotional frame of mind as a result of the environment you have created, and logic becomes less important.


Your marketing does not have to be correct logically. As long as it conveys the message emotionally it is often more effective than a logical message.



Our brains process emotions faster than rational thought. Emotions also focus our attention and help us remember.


Emotion leads to action, while reason leads to conclusions.


Ways to inject emotion into your marketing…


Prompt your prospect to imagine how good it will feel to save time and personal effort by using your product or service.


Use pictures and colors to elicit an emotional response.


Point out the painful situation your target can avoid by adopting your product (loss aversion).


Make your customer feel special or superior because they use your product.


Proactively help your prospect before asking them to buy (reciprocity).


Emphasize that your prospect will be making a popular choice that no one will blame them for (social proof).


Tell the story of how someone became a workplace hero thanks to your product or service (storytelling).


Focus on the experience of owning or using your product, along with its features and benefits.

The critical point for marketers to remember is that it's the emotional responses that drive the buying behaviors.


When you're developing your marketing messages you must inject as much emotion as possible. 

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