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Your educated readers become profitable customers.

Give away information that can be created once and given to a lot of potential customers over and over again. Free newsletters, information packages, booklets, and even websites.


This is information that helps educate the customer. Information that helps the customer understand key issues and identify if they belong in your customer base.


Educating your potential customers helps to cut through the traditional marketing clutter. It builds trust. It allows you to get your point across and create more informed buyers.


Every business has things that are important for the buyer to know. Give these things away.


When you have an educated potential customer they "get it." They understand what they are supposed to do. They are far more apt to help you maximize your ability to help them.


An uninformed potential customer will be much more prone to sabotage your efforts due to their lack of understanding.


We want them to know what they want and have an idea of what it takes to get there.


I'm not talking about giving away the farm. Just the ideas that potential customers need to make informed decisions…


What do they need to know to do business with you?


What do they need to know to feel confident about deciding to place my trust in you?


How will they know they are right for you and you are right for them?


How do your products address their core pain points?


Once you answer those questions, you can advertise that information to potential customers. It will build your credibility and will give you the opportunity to convert them to profitable customers.

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