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Most marketing that fails focuses on the product. Most marketing that succeeds focuses on people.

You must understand in depth who your customers are. 

The more you're able to learn about your customers the more profitable all aspects of your marketing will become.

Once you know exactly who your customer truly is then you'll be able to make your marketing attractive to your customer base because you'll be using…

Language they relate to.

Images they’ll recognize and respond to.

Marketing channels they frequent.

You’ll want to know demographic information like…

how old people are

how much money they have

whether they are married or single

liberal or conservative

what religion they are

Open the document containing your previous customers information and answer the following questions…

What major city or state has more of your customers living in it than any other? Research their area. The politics, geography and landmarks.

What’s your top selling product with customers in this area?

What coupon is used by these customers the most?

What's the average purchase amount for these customers?

Are the majority of these customers men or women?

What marketing channel was used to obtain these customers?

What's their pain points?

Demographic information is important, but we want to go deeper.

Customer psychology delves even deeper because it explains "why" people buy. It includes information like habits, hobbies, spending habits and values.

Demographics and customer psychology will allow you to create your ideal customer profile- a detailed picture of people you would like to work with now and in the future.

How do you determine the psychology of your target market? 

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

▷ What keeps them awake at night, staring at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep as it relates to your product or service?

▷ What are they frustrated about?

▷ What is causing them pain, right now, as it relates to your product or service? 

▷ What is the single biggest problem that you can solve for them?

▷ What do they secretly, privately desire most?

For each of these, there's usually a deeper reason than what the surface answer might be.

How do you determine your potential customers' answers to these questions?

Based on their demographics, immerse yourself in their world. Do what you can to get inside their heads until their deepest needs and dreams become evident to you.

If you've been in their business, walked in their shoes, laughed and cried with them, then you'll begin to understand their deeper reasons.

Tapping into that deeper reason is where you want to connect with your potential customer.

Then create an emotional way of connecting to the potential customer using terms and phrasing that resonates to what's going on inside their heads.

You want to solve their problem, not just sell them something.

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