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Cosmetic Enhancements

Cosmetic Enhancements

Give your Ad Copy some pizazz.

Boldfacing: Use bold type to emphasize subheadings, important words, phrases, dates, and other segments of important copy. Bold type instantly draws attention to these important points and allows your reader to skim the critical content.

Borders: Borders draw attention to important items such as headlines, testimonials, and coupons.

CAPITALIZATION: Use capitalization to set off a single (or two or three) word(s) which need extra emphasis. Use very sparingly.

Captions: Use under illustrations, graphics, charts, and photos. Captions are one of the most often read Ad copy cosmetic enhancements when placed next to an attention-grabbing image.

Color: Blues and softer colors relax us; reds and hotter colors energize us. Use strong colors to grab attention and create urgency. Be careful you don't use too many colors, which will distract your reader.

Reverse Print:  (light ad copy on a dark background) and be very careful to not overuse it.

Columns: 50 to 70-character-wide columns are easier to read than single, wide columns. Use columns to "air out" the ad copy.

Caps: An enlarged, initial capital draws the reader's eye to the beginning of your letter.

Fonts: Use serif fonts, like Times Roman, for print marketing. Use sans-serif fonts, like Arial, for online marketing.

Highlighting: This adds a touch of realism and color. Use highlights to emphasize key copy. Be careful not to overuse. (When everything is emphasized, nothing stands out.)

Indentation of paragraphs makes for easier reading and helps break up long copy.

Use italics to create emphasis on a word or short phrases. Italicizing creates urgency and intensity.

Line Spacing: This is critical for maximum readability. Proper line spacing is based on typeface, font size, and line length. Wider sections of ad copy should have more spacing to enhance readability.

Include bullet, number, and checklists among your copy.

Short Words, Sentences, and Paragraphs: Short. Delivers. Punch. Short grabs attention, helps keep the reader reading, and effectively breaks up long copy.

Sidebars: Sidebars help hold together, and differentiate, blocks of ad copy. They are excellent for case studies, testimonials, and product highlights.

Text Boxes: A powerful way to draw the eye to important areas of information. Consider using text boxes for testimonials, offers, and guarantees.

Underscoring - allows you to emphasize keywords or phrases. Always underscore with a continuous line. Use to signify e-mail and web addresses. Use sparingly.

White Space: This is necessary for readability; too much and you lose valuable real estate; too little and the content is difficult to read. Add white space around headlines and images for maximum impact.

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