Compromise Effect
A potential consumer is more likely to choose the middle option of a set of products over more extreme options.

Consumers find it difficult to assess or compare the relationship between various attributes which hinders their ability to make a rational decision.


A product will have a higher chance to be chosen from a product choice set when placed in the middle.


The mediocre option does not necessarily mean it is inferior. Use this tendency for consumers to select a mediocre option by offering two extremes.


Put the โ€œcompromise optionโ€ in the middle. When designing your pricing plan, place the compromise option (or your main option) in the middle to give it a kind of special attention, making people focus on it more than the other extreme options. As a result, more people will be more likely to take advantage of this featured option.


Accompany the option you really want people to choose with extreme options on both ends.


The compromise effect is most effective when the options available on the lower and higher end are extreme. If itโ€™s difficult to clarify between all the options, or if they are too similar, they might end up confusing users.


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