Choice Architecture – Jesse Grillo
Choice Architecture

The way choices are presented influences the decisions a potential customer will make about them.

By architecting choices, marketing masters can drive action.


This can include…

The number of choices you provide

The order in which you list those choices

What information your design draw attention to

The words you choose to describe various options

The ease that potential customers encounter when completing your order form

Your potential customers will have a natural tendency to go with the flow, or with the suggested or easier choice. As a marketing master, you should factor this into the options you make available and the way those options appear.

Descriptive words, plus the order in which potential customers encounter available choices, will also impact decisions.


Ways to apply Choice Architecture to your marketing…

Giving people an easy way to choose an action or payment that would happen later, one that runs on autopilot, can motivate more of them to commit to that specific action.


Position the desired option as easy, simple, beneficial, and requiring little effort. All of these are quite likely to appeal to your customers.


Never lead with your lowest price. Instead, put your highest price first. It will serve as the anchor or reference against which all your other prices are evaluated, and those other prices will appear more attractive.


The defaults you set up will have a strong influence on your customers' decisions. Rather than opting out or opting in, people will often opt to just go with the flow-which will be the default.


People tend to stick with defaults. Research shows they may think of the default as an implicit endorsement.


Positioning the desired option as fun and easy can make it more likely to be chosen.


People often don't have the time to think through options, so they'll take the path of least resistance.


When employing choice architecture, marketers should never force their customers' hands. Customers should always be able to make a different choice than the one you want them to.


Removing friction and simplifying options can help people make the choice you hope they do.

All elements influence choice. Even if you believe these are of no significant consequence, small details can have a major impact on potential customers' behavior. Carefully consider your defaults.

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