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Call to Action
Tell the potential customer exactly what to do, when, why, and what will happen once they do.



All of your ads need to tell your ideal potential customers exactly what to do and why they want to do it right now. It should be irresistible and time sensitive and give them some kind of value if they take action.


Regardless of the marketing channel, make certain that every ad asks the potential customer to do something.


You've got to provide potential customers with a reason to buy now. The customer has to feel guilty if he or she doesn't buy. You do this by creating a sense of scarcity.


You can convey a sense of scarcity by offering…


Low supplies
Closeout opportunity
Price changes
Product shortages
Price opportunities
Limited-edition opportunities


Get rid of any and all distractions in your ad. If it doesn't help the potential customer get to the call to action, get rid of it. Remove all friction.


Confused potential customers tend to do nothing, and potential customers are shockingly easy to confuse. Potential customers who are left to their own devices tend to procrastinate and not act.


You want to make it abundantly clear what you want your prospect to do. Make it as easy as possible by outlining what needs to happen next.


Encourage action by making it clear how easy it is. "Just click Sign Up Now and speak directly with a representative."


Don't provide them with alternative actions, and don't make them struggle to find information.


People's attention spans are very short, and if they have to go hunting for the information, they'll get annoyed or distracted. You want to keep them positive and moving in the right direction. Make the next step clear and easy to follow.


You want people to act right away. If they move away from your marketing, even if they're interested, they will soon forget. All that enthusiasm you worked so hard to develop will fade out.


To avoid that happening, you can encourage people to act immediately by offering an incentive for buying within a certain time period. It could be a special reduced price, a bonus gift, or any other extra you want to throw in if they will just "act now."


Potential customers cannot be relied on to act on their needs or desires or in their own best interests, especially in a timely manner, without “a firm hand" guiding them.


Your marketing needs to tell potential customers…


exactly what you want them to do next
what will occur when they do
why it is of benefit to them to do it
why it is timely or urgent to do it immediately


Ask them to do something very specific. A direct call to action that motivates and tells potential customers what to do next.


Have a very clear call to action: step-by-step instructions for what that potential customer has to do in order to get all the benefits.


It's typical to hold off on the call to action up until the very end. Up to that point, you continue to provide valuable insights.


The final piece of content is where you would make your real call to action-laying out all the critical elements of your offer, features, benefits, pricing, guarantee, etc.


You may want to list the call to action more than one time within the marketing message and include it in an A/B test.


If you don't put a strong call to action in your marketing, you are wasting your money. 

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