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Branding: An instant message that communicates what a potential customer or product or business is about.


Branding is an overflow effect of profitable marketing and should never be directly purchased.


Run marketing that delivers a return on investment and receive brand-building as a bonus. Never pay for brand-building and hope for a return on investment as a bonus.


Most businesses that are not an established brand do not need brand-building. Yet many pour money and energy into becoming known instead of making money. This is a mistake.


Most businesses tend to act as if they are an established brand, wasting real estate on their ad space with oversized logos and clever slogans that the market doesn't even notice.


This is a result of the masses copying the masses. Which of course, is always a no-no.


Most of the marketing you see is brand-driven advertising.


A lot of traditional brand-building you see and might be tempted to ad copy is done by very well-financed corporations with already established brands. Either promoting a brand or reinforcing an already recognized and established brand.


Because the majority of all the marketing you see is this kind, you are naturally oriented toward doing that kind of advertising. But if you don't have an established brand, do not copy what they do.


Copying what the big companies do to build their brands can bankrupt you.


A lot of business owners get sold on the idea of getting their name out there. Hoping for visibility and name recognition. This is a mistake and is doomed to fail.


One of the biggest and deadliest marketing mistakes, especially by potential customers with brand on their minds, is trying to appeal to everybody. "Everybody" is a whole lot of potential customers.


For profitable marketing in both the short and long term, focus on the best, most obtainable customer, not the idealized brand.


Ignore the brand marketing examples and focus on profit driven marketing.


By ramping up the proceeds of profit driven marketing, you can spend more, in more places, more often AND achieve ultimate brand domination.


Build your brand one sale at a time.


Create wise strategies to develop and build brand identity and equity without direct investment.


On its back, your brand can evolve.



You already have the answers to your branding questions…


They’re in your customer demographics and your most profitable marketing campaigns.

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