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 Potential customers are more likely to comply with a request if it's accompanied by a reason.


You need to include the reason why their customers should respond to their messages, even if you think it's obvious.


People will feel they have a reason for taking the action, and as a result it can trigger an automatic, hardwired human response.

When potential customers hear the word "because” they begin to agree before even processing the words that come next.

Try and make the reason a legitimate one. Include in your request with the word "because." Doing so can greatly increase the likelihood your potential customers will automatically say yes.


Not every reason why will require a corresponding reason to believe. The key is to put yourself in the mind frame of your potential customer, and evaluate the marketing message the way they will. If your message or offer may elicit a "sounds good, but..." reaction, make sure you overcome it by providing the reason.


Ways to use because in your marketing…


Tell customers why they should respond, even if it seems obvious to you. Provide a good reason, but it does not have to be an amazing one.


Link your reasons to other triggers like social proof, information gaps, or authority.


Tie your reason why to timing.


Personalize your reason why (example: because you're a new customer, or because customers like you requested).


You can create a reason why using words other than because. Try since, as a result, due to, so, and therefore.


Use the reason why to neutralize objections.


Immediately legitimize your request by beginning with a reason.


Pair your reason why with a reason to believe that adds context.


When constructing your reason why, consider how differentiating and motivating it is.

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