Autonomy Bias – Jesse Grillo
Autonomy bias

Potential customers desire the ability to make their own decisions and to act with a certain level of independence. When people have it, they feel happier, less stressed, and more satisfied.


When people have choices, they feel in control. If you can give potential customers the opportunity to co-create or to make choices, they will find it appealing.


It is usually a mistake to provide only one option. When possible, offer two or three. This will prompt people to choose between them, instead of focusing on whether or not they want to respond at all.


However, providing too much choice, or providing choices that are not easily distinguishable from one another, can put off customers.

Ways to apply autonomy bias in your marketing…


Highlight any relevant aspects of autonomy, because this will help them resonate with your target.


Emphasizing that it is your target and not you-who is in charge. 
Use empowering language such as "Take control," "Puts you in control," and "Regain control."


Invite potential customers to choose what they want.


Consider a slogan that highlights control. Like “Have it your way”


Offer two or three product or service level options instead of just one.


Make sure the choices you provide represent clear, easily distinguishable options. If people cannot easily differentiate between choices, that can prevent them from making a decision.


Use color, position, and size to nudge people to make your desired decision when you offer options.


Chunk similar items into groups or categories to reduce choice overload. Highlight your most important features or choices and provide drop-down menus or links for others.


Employ the illusion of choice, offer two options that both result in a positive sales outcome.


Give customers control through back buttons, undo buttons, and confirm before purchase buttons.


Provide easy-to-access assistance and guidance to make customers feel in control as they make buying decisions.

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