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Authority Bias

Potential customers are hardwired to recognize and respect authority.

The direction provided by an authority can shortcut our own decision-making. When the source of information or instructions is an authority figure, we are more likely to accept and act accordingly. 

Tapping into the Authority Principle is an easy way for you to prompt automatic action, as well as to differentiate your marketing message from your competitor's.

Authority comes in many forms. There's always something that you can say about your company to establish your authority, size, position or intention. more expertise, knowledge and authority in a specific category.

Ways to apply the authority bias in your marketing…

Use important titles, such as Doctor, Attorney, President, Director, Dean, etc

Make sure to mention if your product, service, or company was written about in business publications or professional journals, or was featured in popular magazines, blogs, or news programs.

Include any awards or certifications your company, company's founder, or product has won and any recognition bestowed on them.

Include trust badges, such as safe payment and accepted payment badges, on your landing pages and website.

Highlight lists your company's been included on.

Feature endorsements you receive. 

Mention your company's background.

Create content that positions your company as an expert. Choose authority wording like world-renowned, recognized expert, definitive authority, proven, time-tested, best of breed, established, reference brand, often quoted, and award-winning.

Also use authority wording in your branding and products.

Feature positive star ratings you've earned.

Use authority figures or symbols of authority.

Create marketing communications that look and sound authoritative. These can trigger compliance.

Some authority figures are widely recognized and others are contextual. Don't overlook contextual authority figures.

Your authority does not have to be a household name. Someone can be considered an authority based on where they work or the experiences they've had. Consider applying these types of authorities.

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