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Watch First

Just a few quick things to cover before we get into it.

Mental Models

Not only do marketing mental models shape what we think about marketing and how we understand our marketing goals, but they shape the connections and opportunities that we see.


Smoke and Mirrors

Take the red pills, unplug from the marketing matrix and help in the battle against fluffery.


Customer Demographics

Learn everything you can about your customer base in an almost creepy way.



Collect and catalog marketing ideas like an absolute boss.


Swiping - Business to Business

B2B Swiping Example.

Affiliate Marketing

Oversee an army of marketers to do your bidding and grow your customer base.

Buying Stages

Where your customer is on their journey.


Build your brand while increasing profits.


Content Creation Strategy

Squeeze everything you can out of any content you create.


Direct Mail Marketing

Send physical mail to your customers while growing physical profits in your bank account.

Email Marketing

Optimize this top revenue driver for your business.

Facebook Advertising

Get actual, profitable results. Not likes and follows from robots.

Facebook Advertising - Ad Budget

Question from one of our members -

What is your recommended minimum budget?

Follow Up

What you do after your initial interaction to encourage the prospective customer to take action.


Google Advertising

Kill bot traffic and put more sales ( and savings ) in your piggy bank.

Images to Use

What images you should consider using in your ads, content creation and product pages.

Lead Generation

Marketing that focuses on gathering information from prospects that will be used in future marketing efforts.


Lead Qualifiers and Multipliers

Improve the quality or quantity of your leads.

Marketing Mistakes

Mistakes seen on ALL marketing channels with most businesses.

Monetize Current Customers

Drive additional sales and grow your customers with your current customer base.



Often the value of the number and the way it is perceived is very different.



Be everywhere your customer is.


On-Site A/B-Testing

Comparing two versions of a webpage to determine which one performs better.

Blues: #4681f4, #5783db, #55c2da
Greens: #5dbea3, #33b249, #5adbb5
Purples: #a881af, #80669d
Pink: #dd7973
Yellow: #ffbd03


Pain Points

Finding the core, specific problem of your customer base so you can offer the perfect solution.


The Pareto Principle

80% of all outcomes are derived from 20% of causes.


Powerful Elements

Discount and the Reason



Results without Restrictions


Unusual / Unique

Principles of Persuasion

Reciprocity, Consistency, Social Proof, Authority, Liking and Scarcity.


A great method to improve your ad copy.



Keep it simple.



Using your physical storefront to drive more sales.

Twitter Advertising

Advertising on Twitter can help you grow your audience, promote your products, drive traffic to your website, and more. 

Press Releases

Announce something newsworthy and sell more products.

YouTube Ads

Video ads focused on driving sales.

Video Structure

Create videos that get the viewer to take action and buy.

Yes Ads

Create statements that will make the person reading them say YES! to buying.


Search Engine Optimization - Overview

For maybe the first time ever, an SEO strategy explained in an easy to understand way.

Search Engine Optimization - Content

Creating original content that delivers top keyword rankings.

Search Engine Optimization - Onsite

Keyword research and improving onsite SEO.

Sponsored Content

Make the news and get people writing about you.

B2B Direct Mail Insights

CBD business consultation.

Blu Peak Botanics Consultation

CBD business consultation.


- Website Design

Serenity CBD Consultation

Had a glitch and their audio was not recorded ( Sorry Jeff! ) BUT there are some good marketing insights.

- Business to Business


Casco Bay Hemp Consultation

- Business to Business


- Sponsored Content

Consultation for a new CBD company

- Business to Business

Insights on return on investment for list purchasing and direct mail creatives

- Lists

- Direct Mail

Specialized Courses

Courses contain many of the same lessons seen on this page and cover many of the same concepts.

However, if you work in one of these industries they should be very insightful.

New lessons have a * next to them.

A complete and profitable strategy for any B2B marketing effort.

Includes how to get your CBD Ads Approved on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Get more buyers or sellers FAST!

A little creativity can more than make up for a small budget.

Engineered to Help your Business Grow.