Small Business Marketing Mastery Lessons – Jesse Grillo

Mental Models

Not only do marketing mental models shape what we think about marketing and how we understand our marketing goals, but they shape the connections and opportunities that we see.


Smoke and Mirrors

Take the red pills, unplug from the marketing matrix and help in the battle again fluffery.


Customer Demographics

Learn everything you can about your customer base in an almost creepy way.



Collect and catalog marketing ideas like an absolute boss.


Affiliate Marketing

Oversee an army of marketers to do your bidding and grow your customer base.

Direct Mail Marketing

Send physical mail to your customers while growing physical profits in your bank account.

Email Marketing

Optimize this top revenue driver for your business.

Facebook Advertising

Get actual, profitable results. Not likes and follows from robots.

Google Advertising

Kill bot traffic and put more sales ( and savings ) in your piggy bank.

Monetize Current Customers

Drive additional sales and grow your customers with your current customer base.


Search Engine Optimization

For maybe the first time ever, an SEO strategy explained in an easy to understand way.

Sponsored Content

Make the news and get people writing about you.

Press Releases

Announce something newsworthy and sell more products.

YouTube Ads

Video ads focused on driving sales.