Why Los Angeles SEO is So Competitive

Why Los Angeles SEO is So Competitive

Los Angeles SEO

While the search engine optimization (SEO) industry is quite competitive, the Los Angeles SEO seems to be even more so. When you consider the number of marketing consultant firms that are located in LA alone. You can understand why the competition is so fierce.

It’s also fair to say that all large cities in the US have competing marketing firms that specialize in SEO, but Los Angeles, with its particular emphasis on entertainment and competitive small business market, is arguably the tightest of them all.

What follows are just a few of the many reasons why the competition in the LA SEO market is so strong. For many, finding the right SEO company in the LA area will not be easy, but it’s worth the effort for those who want to get ahead on the internet in such competitive surroundings.

Cost of Living

First and foremost, the cost of living in urban areas like Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco have skyrocketed in recent years. Because of that, the cost of hiring SEO firms in major cities has gone up as well. Higher living cost means that competition between SEO firms becomes fiercer as well. For those who want to compete in the LA area, you should expect to pay more to find the best.

Along with the cost of living in the general nature of SEO and how it has become a popular emphasis of the typical marketing consultant. When any product or service becomes more popular, the greater the competition will be to fulfill that need. It becomes even more competitive when the business is located in an expensive place to live such as Los Angeles.

First-Page Search Results

About 91% of all people who conduct a Google search never go beyond the first page of results. Plus, 42% click on the very first result on the first page. If your link does not show up on the first page, you might as well not be featured at all. When you consider all the different types of searches being conducted. Your business may be lost in a sea of results that fail to put you at or near the top.

Getting the number one result means that your site gets free traffic that may be quite voluminous. Because being on top is so valuable in terms of search rankings. An SEO firm can charge quite a bit for their services when they deliver. It’s not easy being number one, but the rewards are considerable. That is why Los Angeles SEO is so competitive.

The Ever-Changing Landscape

Since the rewards of being the best in the field outweigh the concerns many have about the competition in general, the result is that places like LA have become incredibly competitive. The ever-changing field of new ideas, products, and approaches will only make it even more competitive for the future. Basically, the more people who search means more ways of reaching them through effective SEO.

The landscape will continue to change as new ideas are introduced. That translates into more competition as more SEO companies get involved to take advantage. Add to this new technology and new rules from Google, and the landscape tends to fluctuate even more.

Greater Search Volume

When you consider that the sheer number of searches per minute has increased by over a million each year since 2016, it demonstrates just how important effective SEO is for businesses around the world. This means to stay on top takes even more effort, so the competition has increased considerably as the sheer volume of searches grows exponentially.

Because Google has taken some harsh steps to counter those that try to game the system. The result is an even more competitive market, especially for local SEO such as in Los Angeles. There is little doubt that Google will continue to double-down on such efforts for the foreseeable future.

Rising CPC Advertising

The cost-per-click (CPC) advertising has grown considerably over the past decade. With traditional forms of advertising such as radio, newspapers, and television fading, the move towards the internet continues to grow exponentially. This means that CPC advertising, which until recently was fairly cheap, is now growing more expensive as more people use it. When so many ad models crafted on CPC, you can see how the higher the demand. The greater the cost will be. The result is a significant impact on organic searches as people know just how powerful being number one is in terms of page results.

Unclear Mechanisms of Google’s Algorithms

While something is known of the nearly 300 factors that go into Google’s algorithms set up, not enough is known by the outside world to make it fully understandable. Google has managed to keep a tight lid on how the system works which means. That no one has a true picture of just how the search ranking based on SEO is done.

Because most people are in the dark because of this, it makes the Los Angeles SEO market so competitive. It’s easy to try SEO on your own. Only to find that you make a mistake that can really set you back. The best marketing consultant firms in the LA area have the most knowledge to help avoid such mistakes. But there is no single company that can say it understands everything about how Google works.

Make a mistake, which is easier now than ever considering the ever-changing rules of Google. Your business can drop off the map. In LA, the competitive nature of the market makes the competition that much greater.

With LA being one of the most expensive places to live in the US. it’s easy to see why Los Angeles SEO is so expensive and competitive. Hiring a local marketing consultant means paying not only for their services, but their offices, and means of living. Since SEO is a highly specialized field, especially when it comes to local search engine optimization, the cost even higher in urban areas such as LA.

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