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Which Sports Attract the Most CBD Users?


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Many sports fans around the world have their unique pre-game rituals. Some like to wear their favorite shirt they claim is lucky. And some won’t even look at their team’s jersey hanging in their closet for that one day. And during the game, many fans opt to scream at the top of their lungs to hype up their team hoping to encourage them to score and win big. But one thing that many fans have in common is their ritual of using cannabis before and during games.

A new study conducted by lines.com has shown exactly what sports fan enjoys smoking marijuana as their game-day routine. But even with all the fun that sports fans have with cannabis, and no matter how much money they contribute to the cannabis industry, there are still huge gaps in how sports leagues view cannabis and sponsorships from them. Read on to see just how each sports fan is attracted to marijuana and CBD and how the league is changing to accommodate these new insights.

Who Uses Cannabis the Most?

According to the survey this year, it gave the number one spot to UFC/MMA fans with over 41% of their spectators enjoying marijuana as they watch the fights with others. This is possible because of the openness that the UFC/MMA has with the herb for their own fighters. Many of these athletes include cannabis into their routine after the league formally made it acceptable to smoke marijuana and not get suspended for it. With the large number of fighters that use and swear by it, it’s no wonder why their fans have also taken a liking to the herbs for their fight day enjoyment.

The fans of Esports took the next spot. They came in close to UFC/MMA fans with 40% of fans who enjoy smoking it during matches. While this may come as a surprise to you, but according to the Lines, this is more than likely thanks to the “little advertising regulations” that make the fast-growing sports league open to more cannabis-related sponsorships and marketing campaigns that heavily influence younger adults.

In third place, the NFL fans accounted for 36% who used marijuana or CBD for their pre-game routine that went into the actual game. You could also see trends between states with NFL fans. According to the survey, Atlanta Falcons admitted to smoking marijuana the most out of the other teams’ fans. New England Patriots were the least likely to partake in the activity.

Other than these top three spots, other leagues included the NBA (35%), NHL (33%), and Major League Baseball (30%) who also use cannabis during game day.

CBD Marketing in Sports

The survey gave a near-complete look at how much sports fans enjoyed smoking cannabis.

The United States and many other countries have changed the way they have viewed marijuana in a short amount of time. Not too long ago, there we would have never guessed that people would be so open to the thought of cannabis, but here we are. But while these results show the potential of cannabis sponsorships within the sports leagues, there are still some limitations on marketing the herb used within their industry.

Many leagues are still hesitant to include cannabis sponsorships within their circles. Whether it’s because of outdated assumptions about the herb or a more monetary problem, NBA and NASCAR are just now scratching the surface on marijuana. This makes it harder for sports fans to feel as though they can enjoy smoking as part of their routine.

But it’s not all gloom for cannabis-loving fans.

There is still a light at the end of the tunnel. The UFC/MMA has encouraged cannabis use for a while. They don’t even prohibit their fighters from taking on marijuana endorsements. Likewise, thanks to the change in protocol for NBA players during last year’s height of the pandemic, the association stopped their regular testing and suspension of their players for marijuana use, helping to remove the stigma of the herb even more. These changes make it even more possible for endorsements to become more common among players, which will encourage more cannabis enjoyment from more fans.

By looking at the survey, it’s clear that fans love smoking cannabis as a part of their enjoyment of the sports that they like. And if a sports association doesn’t change with the times, their fans won’t feel comfortable enjoying what they like out in the open due to long-outdated views of marijuana and CBD. And although many sports leagues are still slowly changing their rules against cannabis use, the future is looking bright for future sponsorships and endorsements. And as more and more athletes endorse and promote cannabis use for sports, the marijuana industry will continue to grow, and more sports fans will continue to add cannabis to their game-day fun.

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