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What parts of social media businesses should focus on

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From consumer engagement to item sales and connecting with brand-new audiences, the continued presence of social networks can be a benefit to Canadian companies if used smartly. Nevertheless, it can also have its reasonable share of downsides, from leaked info to harmed reputations. Faten Alshazly, chief imaginative officer and principal of the Halifax-based marketing and […]

Twitter and facebook move beyond tweets and likes

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It’s been an unforgettable year in social networks. 2015 saw the birth of live social streaming, with apps like Periscope and Meerkat winning over early adopters. Snapchat fully shed its reputation as a niche network and now counts more than 200 million active users. Video dominated social headlines, with Facebook FB -1.16 % users now […]

How to make use of social media to boost your Hermosa Beach company

Hermosa Beach

Today’s Hermosa consumers wish to be treated as people, not psychographic profiles and successful social selling depends upon authentically connecting with them across social networks, causing enduring company relationships. Hermosa Beach Companies that are not presently using Jesse Grillo social networks for list building and tapping in to social selling are missing out. In a […]

Social media fuels modern-day student activism

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The messages went out on social media: it was time for black university student in Atlanta to take a stand against racial injustice. A group of about 60 students from colleges across metro Atlanta responded last week, rallying downtown in putting rain to support black students at the University of Missouri and requiring modifications by […]

Social media is industrialism with a human face

Social media

In 2012, the blog Gizmodo acqxuired a copy of Apple’s Genius training handbook. There was a section on teaching customer-facing staff how to be more compassionate. Naturally, there were a reasonable couple of jokes about this, with Gizmodo keeping in mind that much of the guidance appeared to be along the lines of saying “I’m […]

Why Twitter and facebook Can’t Simply Eliminate ISIS Online

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GIVEN THAT ISIS and other terrorist companies have actually proven skilled at using social networks to disseminate propaganda and incite worry, it seems obvious that platforms like Twitter and facebook would aggressively and mercilessly delete such material and ban those who post it. It may appear equally evident that those business would move rapidly to […]

French Flags on Facebook: Does Social Media Support Truly Matter?

In the aftermath of the collaborated terrorist attacks across Paris last Friday (Nov. 13), assistance appeared in the new public arena: Facebook. The social network rolled out a tool allowing users to quickly put a French flag overlay on members’ profile images to reveal sympathy with the victims. Virtually right away, though, the device stimulated […]

The Social Media Etiquette That Trumps All Others


Recently I’ve been checking out more blogs than usual composed in a reliable tone stating “the rules for social media” as if such authors are in some way specialists on how everybody else ought to or should not portray themselves online. Having done social media for organizations as well as carrying my own individual accounts, […]

Social Media May Help Neuroscientists Better Understand Emotions and Human Habits

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A brand-new research evaluation published in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences on Wednesday reveals how helpful social networks websites, like Twitter and Facebook, have been for neuroscientists attempting to much better understand human feelings and behavior. In modern-day society, a consistent stream of updates, tweets, and images can use users’ emotions and behavior. Currently, […]

IT & Social Media – Is it Love?

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IT people aren’t really who you generally envision when you think about social networks gurus— however why not? After all, social media was born and reproduced online, and in lots of ways successful social network marketing counts on careful analysis of trends and organization of content. Generally, there is absolutely nothing a skilled computer system […]