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Once in the Summer, CBD Sale is On!

Once in a Summer, CBD Sale is On!

Grow revenue from your CBD customer base while there’s time.

Who is the person most likely to CBD buy from you?

Answers usually include demographic information, social media users or marketing channels.

None of these are correct.

The person most likely to buy from you is the person that has bought from you.

Many CBD companies leave money on the table. Spending on acquiring new customers when sales can be made with current customers.

Stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.

Monetize the CBD customers you already have in no time flat.

Just sending email ain’t going to cut it.

Truth is, a lot of your customers are not responsive to Email. Others have opted out of receiving your emails altogether.

A much more profitable option for CBD Summer Sale

Advertise your summer sales and promotions with a big, bold postcard delivered directly in the hands of people who have already bought from you.

Direct mail. It’s proven to drive response, sales and deliver some of the highest return on investment.

And when direct mail is being sent to your previous CBD customers it delivers some of the highest profitability out of any marketing you’ll ever do.

Have a double sided, full-color postcard printed, mailed and in the hands of your customers in 2 weeks.

One that is true to your branding and compliant with state and federal laws.

And just in time for summer, we’re offering this service at a discount…

5-10 thousand postcards to your previous customers. 65 60 cents per postcard.

10-20 thousand postcards to your previous customers. 60 55 cents per postcard.

20 thousand+ postcards to your previous customers. 55 50 cents per postcard.

These sizzling hot deals won’t last long.

Grab a time on my calendar and I’ll personally give you all the details https://jessegrillo.com/calendar

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