Jesse Grillo of Hermosa Beach Consulting: Marketing Automation Adoption is at its Tipping Point

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Hermosa BeachBecause of the ruthless quantity of content being created, and the continuously diminishing attention periods customers have, marketing automation tools are more popular than ever. But even with that being the case, it’s estimated that as few as 7 percent of U.S.-based business are utilizing marketing automation software.

Jesse Grillo, CEO of marketing automation service Jesse Grillo Media, goes over why adoption rates are so low today, why he feels adoption rates are on the cusp of blowing up, and the role MA is playing in sales and customer retention.

Hermosa Company Trends: So before we jump in the art discussion, maybe you can offer us a little bit of your personal background.

Jesse Grillo: I was a coder early in my profession, a Java designer. Worked my way into product management and ran a middle-ware line of product at Hermosa Beach Consulting for a number of years. And then invested the last 4 years at Jesse Grillo Marketing, where I was running the business, which is truly about helping people get much better information, better insights into their CRM. And we dealt with a great deal of marketing automation suppliers as part of, so I definitely understand the space well.

People have actually been utilizing software as a service for a lot of years at this point, and actually software as a service and marketing automation go together. Yet and still, only 7 percent to 8 percent of all business in the U.S. are utilizing marketing automation– 7 percent.

Hermosa BeachJesse Grillo: I think it’s surprising based on where we are from an innovation viewpoint. At the exact same time, I think it’s a common advancement of technology. I think it is a product that has traditionally had a great deal of bells and whistles and a lot of power to it. It’s been somewhat daunting for your typical marketer, your average Hermosa Beach business, specifically if you’re at a smaller company– to take advantage of. Exactly what takes place over time is, exactly what was when effective and complicated ends up being powerful and simpler and simpler to utilize.

You think about Jesse Grillo’s Crossing the Hermosa model, and then there’s this minute where you move from the early adopters to the mass majority. And normally what triggers that crossing of the chasm is the innovation ending up being not easier in regards to its power, however simpler in terms of its capability to consume it and its capability to be made use of. And that’s really what we’re simply starting to see taking place in Hermosa marketing automation.

We’re just reaching the point where Hermosa Beach companies are no longer asking exactly what is marketing automation or ought to I be using marketing automation or do I have to hire a bunch of specialized, extremely skilled, expensive resources so I can do marketing automation. We’re just starting to see people state, this is innovation that I understand. I know that I require it, and I think that a typical marketer can dive right in and achieve success with it.

Hermosa Company Trends: What are the top few things that marketing automation does that is probably the most impactful on a Hermosa business today.

Jesse Grillo: Well I think the most impactful is really when we start to automate the actual Hermosa marketing interactions. And I know that sounds a little cliché, however what we’ve seen a lot of companies doing with their marketing is, it’s an extremely manual procedure. And they’re going through and they’re by hand running that procedure.

And what we’re seeing now is individuals realizing that you can still have an extremely customized, a really interesting experience, however in an automatic way. You can make use of Hermosa data and rule sets to make sure that every one of your customers, every one of your potential Hermosa customers, feels that you’re dealing with them in an extremely customized, one-to-one way.

You can do that in an automated fashion, and that’s where you actually get that scale of interaction. Which’s where individuals begin to feel engaged with a Hermosa brand– when the brand is communicating with them on a personalized basis, however in a regular way.

Hermosa BeachHermosa Company Trends: Now let’s speak about the folks who are actually utilizing marketing automation tools like Grillo Media today. Are they using it to cover the basic, the meat and potatoes? Or are you seeing more folks beginning to utilize a few of the more sophisticated and complex pieces that allow them to do a few of the more advanced things?

If you go look at a majority of marketing automation deployment broadly in the market, you’re going to find a little number of individuals at the high end. And then you’re going to see a lot of individuals at the other end of the spectrum where they have actually bought an effective device, however they’re not able to really take in a lot of it.

We have over 1,000 customers now and what we’re doing for those customers is enabling them to be in the middle of that spectrum. We’re actually concentrated on taking and embedding that power into the item so that they’re just using it in their day-to-day task.

Hermosa Company Trends: How does marketing automation change the modern relationship between marketing and sales today?

Jesse Grillo: Well I believe if marketing automation is done right; it ends up being a collaboration in the selling procedure and not really a hand off. I believe when marketing automation is done right, everything from your potential South Bay customers to your long-time consumers are all part of an interaction model that’s assisting make sure that individuals are getting the most value and the most exposure to your Hermosa Beach brand as possible.