How Cannabis Companies are Using Consultants

How Cannabis Companies are Using Consultants

How Cannabis Companies are Using Consultants

The Cannabis industry in the United States of America is slowly but surely becoming one of the hugest industries. Statista is forecasting that worth of legal cannabis companies in America will grow to $23 billion as soon as 2025.

In 2018, the state with the highest amount of legal and illegal cannabis sales was California. Statista also reports that the number of cannabis consumers in the United States is just below 50 million.

With all these attractive numbers, why it companies such as Coca-Cola and Urban Outfitters have a challenges supply into the market.

CBD and Mainstream Brands

According to Pot Network, Coca-Cola and Aurora Cannabis were at an advanced stage in their discussions about partnering to make CBD-infused beverages. Unfortunately, nothing came of this and both companies seem to have moved beyond the possibility of partnering on such a product.

The product intended to be a recovery drink and not necessarily a drink like the standard line delivered by Coca Cola. There is another instance where Urban Outfitters has had CBD for Life, a CBD brand owned by a major company in the US, to stock only the shelves six stores in two states with their product. There seems to be great apprehension on the part of major companies to get involved with the production of CBD product.

Even in the wake of the success of many CBD brands and products, mainstream brands seem to still not really buy into the potential of the product and industry. The ignorance and apprehension that majors company seem harboring need dismantled by consultants that expert the area of CBD production and distribution.

Truth be told, the success, education and marketing practices of this industry will depend on consultants.

2 Major Companies that are Paving the Way

Find it Inc. and Plant and Prosper are two companies that are really lifting the CBD industry. Findit Inc. is a social networking content management platform that empowers BD companies to produce their own unique marketing campaigns that can be easily distributed across a wide variety of social media networks.

This company is based in Nevada. Its abled team of writers well versed CBD related content. Increasing the level of brand recognition of clients is the main focus of Find it Inc. They provide a search engine for those interested in CBD to find brands.

Plant and Prosper is ran by a woman and is making serious waves in the realm of traditional CBD marketing. The owner, Kimberly Dillon, is also able to serve as a digital marketing consultant, helping CBD brands to get their brand message and products across on digital platforms.

The experience and skills that Kimberly Dillon with CBD make her company very capable . Dillon has a very optimistic view of the CBD industries and merely scratched the surface.

Tips for Hiring or Working with a Cannabis Consultant

If you run a new cannabis cultivation operation or are developing a cannabis-related product, there are great benefits in using the services of cannabis consultants to help you launch properly. Most cannabis consultant companies will give you the benefit of having a personal digital marketing consultant to help you navigate the murky waters of cannabis marketing.

Know Your Needs

Before engaging a consultant, you need to be clear on what exactly you need and what you want to achieve. Are you searching for a consultant that can help you with licensing? Is it that you need assistance in establishing a facility design? or do you need help with the overall business operation? Know what you need, and you will be better able to select a suitable consultant.

Know Your Budget

Consider what your budget is like before searching for a consultant. You will be able to negotiate packages with most consultancy companies; however, knowing the limits of your budget can assist in ensuring a healthier negotiation process.

Do Your Research

All consultancy firms will say that they can do all that you need to get your operation up and running. Just like you would research any other company before engaging them.

Do Not Go All in Until You Are Sure

Avoid being hasty in the process of signing off on which consultancy firm you will be using. Take time to analyze and observe during initial meetings. Discuss needs and your budget clearly and thoroughly.

It is also wise to partly hire the agency for a smaller project before going all out with a firm. This will give you an opportunity to test the waters to see objectives, and values.

Be Transparent

The decision to contract a cannabis companies consultant or consultancy firm is a serious one. It will mean that you will end up sharing integral business information with these individuals. A consultant with integrity will not disclose pertinent information about your operation with others.

Consultants are excellent for growing your business. While mainstream brands are apprehensive and acting like spectators in the CBD industry.

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