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High Authority Websites

high authority websites

To be #1 on Google for CBD keywords your website needs links from high authority websites.

Websites like healthline.com, discovermagazine.com and mayoclinic.org.

Having links from these high authority websites gives you serious street credit in Google's eyes.

That's why all the major CBD brands have their website address on high authority websites.

But unless you're a CBD marketing master, you could be paying $5,000 or more just to get a single link from one of these highly credible websites.

These websites charge that much because the top CBD brands gladly pay it. The top CBD brands know that having links from high authority websites delivers some of the highest return on investment out of any type of marketing.

Even if you can afford to pay thousands of dollars to get your website address on just one of these high authority websites, a marketing mastery strategy will drastically lower costs and 10x your return on investment.

How to get high authority website links...

Press Releases

Writing and distributing a press release is a great way to get your link on hundreds of websites.

But remember, it's quality you want, not quantity.

While getting a link from Google news, television news and radio websites can be great for getting to the top of Google, be mindful of their domain authority and disavow any low quality links that may come as a result of your press release.

Order in Bulk

Many of these high authority websites are managed under the same company. Often you'll be able to receive a discount if you purchase multiple links.

Get just one link from each high authority website. That way you can skyrocket your domain authority from an array of high authority websites.

Domains Redirects

Buy website domains that have links from high authority websites, then redirect that website domain to your website.

By redirecting the domain you are also redirecting the high authority link to your website.

Link Brokers

These are companies and freelancers that manage link purchasing from high authority websites.

You can contact them with the websites you want links from and they'll manage everything for a nominal fee.

Plus they'll often contact you about great opportunities for purchasing links from high authority websites. It could be a sale or a high authority website that just started selling links.

Having relationships with multiple link brokers is highly recommended.

Link Purchasing Services

Become knowledgeable with link purchasing services like fatjoe.com and linklifting.com.


Build a catalog of high authority websites you've worked with in the past along with their contact information.

Even if you have just one website, you never know when additional links might be needed.

Jesse Grillo Marketing does all of these things, and more.You’ll get the highest possible return on investment for your high authority links.

Receive 50 links from our catalog of high authority websites within 21 days.

You will see more traffic within 30 days as your CBD website ranks higher for your most sought after keywords.

Cost is only $100 per high authority website link. These are the same websites that the top CBD brands pay thousands for.

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