Notion - ‘Fill in the Blank’ Presentation – Jesse Grillo

‘Fill in the Blank’ Presentation


“Here’s How To __________ In Just ___________ (Minutes/Hours) A Day From Home!”

3 Questions:

Have you ever wanted to _________?

Do you ever feel like _________?

Do you wish you could just _________?

Then you’re going to want to pay VERY close attention to this presentation.

Introduce Yourself:

Hi, my name is _________, and I’m a _________ (title).


Hi, my name is _________, and I’m the founder of _________ (company)

Connect With Audience:

If you’ve ever felt like _________ (bad or annoying problem) I can relate because _________ (some example that’s related to that problem).

Identify with their problems:

Before I discovered _________ I always wanted to _________.

I suspected _________ but I didn’t know _________.

I had this nagging feeling that _________.

But the media and all my friends always said _________.

Use Stats:

Did you know that ___ in ___ people _________ ? 

Did you know that 90% of _________ never _________?

Did you know that ___% of _________ get better results than those that don’t?

Why They Should Continue Listening:

In a few minutes, I’m going to reveal _________.

You’re going to discover why _________.

Finally I’ll show you how you can _________.

Watch Now Or Miss Out:

This is an example, don’t copy it directly.

This information is very controversial in nature. Therefore I can’t guarantee it will be around forever. It’s crucial that you watch this presentation now, or miss out on this incredible revelation.

Fill in the blanks in this to make something that looks like this.

This information is _________. I can’t promise that it will be around forever. Watch this presentation now, or you might never _________.

Twist The Knife (Part 1):

But if you thought _________ was bad, think of it like this: _______________________________________________ (some potential future scenario that’s truly horrifying if they don’t take action).

Product Name:

Introducing _________ (product name).

How And Why You Created Your Product And Service:

I saw that ordinary people were _________ (some kind of suffering).

I wanted to help by _________ (the solution).

So I decided to _________ (state the solution in more specific terms).

Ease Of Use:

Solving _________ with _________ is easy.

All you need to do is _________ (some simple action), then you’re all set.

Solve A Real Problem:

With _________ (product name) you can _________ (solve a concrete problem).

Features And Benefits:


_________ Comes packed with great features like:

State feature. Explain feature.

State feature. Explain feature.

State feature. Explain feature.

State feature. Explain feature.


_________ will make your life easier by:

State benefit. Explain benefit.

State benefit. Explain benefit.

State benefit. Explain benefit.

State benefit. Explain benefit.

Early Call To Action:

Click the button below to _________ (describe action you want them to take).

Real Examples/Proof:

(insert your case studies here)

Using _________ I _________ in just _________ days.

I was also able to _________ when previously that seemed impossible.

Results/Borrowed Proof:

(insert clients’ case studies here) One client _________ in just _________ days by using _________.

Another customer _________ (some amazing achievement here).

Testimonials: (testimonials here)

Identify And Answer Any Lingering Barriers To Purchasing:

I often get the question: How do I know _________ will work for me?

The truth is: _________ has consistently _________ for ___% of customers.

I also get the Question: Can I really __________?

In reality: almost everyone can _________

Build Up The Value:

But there’s more to _________ than just _________ (the main benefit).

As a valued customer, you will get _________ (insert some support feature that goes with the program like access to a private member’s area or 24/7 customer service).

Give Guarantee:

I will also fully guarantee your purchase by _________ (insert whatever guarantee policy you’re going off of here, if you work through Clickbank it’s automatically 60 days).

Show Price: The price of _________ is just $__.

Open/Enable Add To Cart Button:

Insert add to cart button here.

Add Bonuses:

We’ve also added some great bonuses like:

→ State bonus. Explain bonus.

→ State bonus. Explain bonus.

→ State bonus. Explain bonus.

→ State bonus. Explain bonus.


_________ is going to be around for a limited time only. We may close the offer after _________ (number) people get access.

Guilt Of Not Taking Action:

Imagine knowing you had the opportunity to _________ but didn’t.

An opportunity like this is once in a lifetime.

If you want to _________ (insert life changing transformation), the time to take action is now.

Summary Of Everything You Told Them:

Restate the main problem and how you’ll solve it.

Restate the 1 or 2 most important benefits.

Remind them of the 1 or 2 most important features.

PS Reminder:

P.S. Remember, _________ (insert important benefit here).

Friendly Call To Action

The time to _________ (important transformation) is now. Click the button below to the video to get started.