Facebook Marketing vs. Google Adwords For Realtors & Mortgage Professionals

social media marketing

social media marketingIn this blog post I will answer the question lots of property experts have actually asked regarding Facebook vs Google marketing. You will discover the best ways to get more listings if you are a Realtor, and ways to get more refinance/purchase loan operation if you are a Mortgage Expert.

If you are a real estate agent or home loan professional, you have most likely wondered exactly what type of marketing will get you the greatest ROI. I see a number of Facebook “masters” pressing Facebook Marketing, but when I asked these so-called experts just how much they have actually spent on Facebook Marketing and exactly what their ROI has actually been, the response is typically unclear. The fact is that Facebook Marketing is much easier, but it is definitely not much better.

I’ve personally spent hundreds of thousands on Google Adwords, and tens of thousands on Facebook, and I can inform you from experience that Google Adwords out-performs Facebook at about a 3:1 ratio. A number of professionals will tell you that you need to “nurture” prospects on Facebook in order to be effective.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is great and does add credibility, specifically if you have a large number of fans, and it must be part of your marketing routine. Facebook Marketing depends on the TYPE of audience you are marketing to.

The Two Kinds of Marketing

social media marketingPRESS MARKETING: Press marketing is defined as a marketing technique in which an operation tries to obtain their message in front of their potential customers without them having a desire or interest to buy the product/service. Push marketing needs a lot of reach, and can be thought as ‘interruptive’ marketing. This is the type of marketing that’s perfect for Facebook ads. Your advertisements better be really intriguing in order to get the customers attention. They are on Facebook to communicate with good friends or household, and are not actively looking for your services.

PULL MARKETING: Pull Marketing utilizes a different approach. In order to make use of pull marketing, it requires an interest for the product/service you’re offering.

Cut out the nonsense & Keep More Profits

Have you ever questioned how a few of the leading list building, and genuine estate referral business produce business? The very best ones make use of Google Adwords to produce leads. They then take a 25 % referral charge if the reference they send you closes escrow. They offer leads to mortgage specialists because the national association of realtors does not allow home mortgage brokers to pay referral costs. If you are a Real estate agent, you can discover these companies by typing in a “City Name” followed by the keyword “Realtors” into Google Search, and you will see the advertisements.

So, for example, typing “San Francisco Realtors” into Google Browse will raise the advertisements. Now think of this: From the 25 % referral charge, these companies have to spend for marketing and produce a profit on their own. Because they are not offering the leads to Realtors, they have to supply high quality references that actually close.

The fact is most agents/brokers do not comprehend how to market effectively on Google Adwords. Instead, numerous of you pick to promote on Facebook, since you think social marketing is the best way to go. Facebook is an easier platform to utilize, however it takes a lot more time and cash to obtain quality consumers.

social media marketingThe 3 Keys To Successful Advertising On Google Adwords

In a nutshell, there are 3 things you require to do to be effective on Adwords. I have actually streamlined this for demonstration functions.

1) Select the best keywords

2) Make certain your ad includes the keywords

3) Ensure the landing page you send clients to includes the keywords and converts well.

If you can do this properly, Google rewards you with a higher “quality score”, and in turn your ads reveal higher and you pay less per click. Lots of Actual Estate Agents and Home loan Professionals have a problem with number 3, considering that they do not understand how to produce landing pages.