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Cannabis and CBD Edibles Data

CBD Edibles

Below is cannabis and CBD edibles data for USA sales trends, market share, package sizes, segments, demographics, and more.

Cannabis Market Share

Edibles are the fourth most-popular cannabis category at 10.2% market share. Behind Flower, Vapor Pens, and Pre-Roll.

Edibles market share in the cannabis category had been gradually increasing over the previous few years, reaching an all-time high of 11.9% in December 2019. However, Edibles suffered early in the COVID-19 pandemic, dropping in market share through Spring and Summer of 2020. Market share to this category has rebounded somewhat, but has not yet rebroken 11%.

Cannabis and CBD Edible Growth

Cannabis and CBD Edible sales will increase by 28% from 2021 to 2022.

Sales for Cannabis and CBD Edibles will total more than $2 billion this year, and will reach nearly $3 billion in 2022.


Colorado LOVES Edibles. Nearly $14 out of every $100 spent on cannabis in Colorado in Q3 2021 were spent on Edibles. (13.9%)

Washington has the lowest share at only 8.2%. Pennsylvania is of course lower, with 0% market share, but that is because Edibles are not available for sale in this medical market.


The story is increasingly: “Gummies and some other things.” With each passing year, the Gummies segment progressively dominates this category, with nearly three quarters of all edible sales. (71.1%).

Chocolate, Caramels, Chews, and Taffy contribute to 20% of sales.

The Candy, Lozenge, and Gum segment (2.6%) and the Mints segment (2.5%) are the only other two segments that break above 2% market share.

The Cookies segment (1.8%), the Brownie, Blondie, and Cereal Bars segment (1.2%), as well as the Other Edibles segment (0.5%) all contribute below 2% market share each.

Package Size Preferences

The majority of Edible sales go to products with the maximum legal THC potency, and those potencies are 100mg THC in most of the USA. Oregon is an exception with recreational Edibles limited to 50mg THC per package.

More than nine out of ten edibles contain 10mg THC. A significant portion of the remainder goes to products with less than 5mg of THC per package. ( the 5mg THC package size is not performing with much success )

The vast majority of unit volume (70.8%) is to the maximum available package size: 100mg THC.

Cannabis and CBD Edibles Demographics

Cannabis and CBD Edibles are more popular among older groups of consumers, 30+.

Within each age group, Female customers have a higher affinity for Edibles than their Male counterparts.

Top CBD Edibles Brand

WYLD has risen to a dominant position in recent years with their popular Gummy products and multi-state presence. Multi-state distribution is not unique to WYLD, as all of the top five best selling Edible brands hold a multi-state presence.

Pumpkin-flavored Edibles

Seasonal growth is massive for this flavor early in Autumn. In September 2020, sales for pumpkin-flavored Edibles increased by nearly 2300% over the previous month, while total Edible sales actually contracted by 5%.

Pumpkin-flavored Edible sales continued to grow in October as well, nearly quintupling the September sales total.

This trend appears to be continuing in 2021 with pumpkin-Edible sales doubling in September while total Edible sales were slightly down compared to August.

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