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Delta-8 Consumer Shifts

Delta-8 quickly emerged as the trendiest cannabinoid of 2021. News coverage had a significant impact on the conversation regarding delta-8 on social media. As a result of the news stories, social listening data shows conversations on social media grew exponentially.

The increase was an estimated 163% from December 2020 to April 2021 on the subject of delta-8.

Who Adopted Delta 8 Early?

In Q2 of 2021, 23% of American CBD users knew about delta 8. This is an increase of 4%, up from 19% in Q1.

Of those aware of delta 8, 50% have purchased it, and an additional 20% have purchased it multiple times.

The drivers of this trend are younger, city-dwelling cannabis users who 80% of use THC-dominant cannabis.

Their average age is 34, 53% are women, and 42% live in a city.

Why Are Consumers Using Delta-8?

The number one reason for trying delta 8 is curiosity. 17% of those who purchased delta-8 did so simply to see what it was like.

20% of early adopters of delta 8 do not use delta-9 THC.

Delta-8 consumers tend to use CBD for mental health conditions at a rate higher than the average CBD user.

An average of 20% of delta 8 conversations on social media revolves around the topic of relaxation. This compares to only 9% of CBD conversations.

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