Common Mistakes Businesses Make With SEO

Who does not want their business to be among the top google ranking? Literally no one. Search engine optimization is the tool to make your business. Using the SEO techniques incorrectly can also break your business. Following are the fundamental mistakes businesses make with SEOs which cost them a fortune.

Not hiring an SEO before launching your website

Business owners make this common mistake to look for an SEO after launching their websites. The web developers might be top experienced but they cannot focus on web developing as well as the SEO strategies that will get you more traffic. The web developers and the SEO experts have to work together to launch an ideal website. The SEO strategies should be incorporated while developing the website. The targeted keywords are important to be added in the URL and the introductory content. The SEO strategies are also to be considered in the architect of the website, the individual pages and the incorporated images. Overall it should give an aesthetic look. This all can be achieved when the SEO and the web developers work side by side.

Web developer doing the SEOs job

Obviously a web developer would be well aware of some SEO basics but they cannot excel it. The expert level SEO strategies can be only be installed by an SEO consultant, not by an expert web developer. Chris Rodgers, SEO and Founder of ‘Colorado SEO Pros says “There is just too much information to track and too many variables to consider. While web developers and SEO professionals may work in the same business, they definitely operate in separate specialties. I would compare it to the difference between a heart surgeon and an ophthalmologist: while both are technically doctors, they perform very different duties in very different ways.”

Hiring an SEO for short term

Optimizing your website is a long term investment and needs constant look after. SEO is not like marketing your website for a single time and thinking your job is done. The algorithms change every now and then and an expert SEO knows how to manage it properly so that it does not cause any damage to your ranking.

Optimizing for search engines instead of consumers

Adding keywords to the headings, sub heading, URLs, every paragraph, image descriptions, and body content might get you a little traffic but it is not systematic SEO optimization as it not of any use to the customers. As a general rule of thumb, keyword should be added once in first 100 words and then add it where it comes naturally.

Not optimizing for mobile devices

Small local businesses still make this mistake of not optimizing their websites for the mobile users. 80% of the researches are made through mobile phones. Quite rarely people have time to search on their desktops and on the way they have no choice other than cell phones. The local businesses can lose a lot of potential clients for not having their websites SEO mobile optimized.

Overstuffing keywords

Filling every line with the keywords might get you some traffic but it is going to negatively impact your reputation. The traffic is not going to turn into sales as the repetition of the same words will bore the customers and will also negatively affect the aesthetics of the website. The modern keyword technique is to strategically place the long tailed keywords only for the targeted clients at the relevant pages.

Creating content that’s not related to keywords

Producing poor content just to fit in the keywords is pitfall for your businesses. Google aims to provide their customers most authentic and relevant information. These malfunctions will lower your ranking thus affecting your business negatively. The primary goal of the web content should be to answer the queries of the customers by staying focused on the topic under investigation which will naturally fit in the necessary keywords.

Slow site speed

The world is moving at a fast pace and so does your website should. Slow sites are a major turn off for the customers. The huge images will slow down your site and the customers’ next click will be on your competitors’ site. Your SEO consultant should optimize the speed of the website and make it more user friendly as no one has a second to spare on slow sites.

Linking to and from non-credible sources

Businesses that prefer quantity of links on their site instead of qualitative links do not do well with their customers. This SEO strategy is an ancient one and can be troublesome now a days. The customers are looking for the qualitative links and directing them to mediocre market is going to bring your business down.

Not paying attention to social media presence

To give your business a quick boost you need to heavily invest in social media and PR. The social media can change the fate of your local small or gigantic businesses. The engagement with the public are their feedback will tell you how to improve your services. Resolve the criticism politely by giving them added advantages instead of blocking and neglecting your unsatisfied customers. This is going to attract more customers when they see that you care about your customers.

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