CBD Multi Level Marketing Companies: Which is Best for You?

CBD Multi Level Marketing

There is no doubt that cannabidiol or CBD is taking the nation by storm. One of the fastest rising industries in the US, CBD has exploded in terms of growth and it is only predicted to rise even more in the foreseeable future. For those who want to get in on the action, joining a CBD multi level marketing company may be the answer.

Of course, many people may want to start their own CBD business. And while the opportunities are plentiful, the challenges are considerable. Most notably the rules and regulations present in many states that make it difficult to start up a CBD business. But joining a multi level marketing or MLM company may be considerably easier, especially on the pocketbook.

CBD Industry

Since 2018 when the Farm Bill made the cultivation and distribution of CBD legal, the industry has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2020, the estimated revenues were $3 billion which is why joining a CBD multi level marketing company may be a lucrative decision for you.

Consider that CBD, which is derived from industrial hemp and cannabis is not THC, the chemical which produces the “high” people get from smoking or ingesting marijuana. But what it does do is treat several conditions which include pain, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, and more. The effects are mild, non-addictive, and carry few, if any unwanted side effects.

It’s little wonder why CBD has generated considerable interest, but which MLM should you consider if you want to get in on the action?

Why Choose CBD MLM?

Multi level marketing has been one of the most popular ways to earn considerable amounts of money both from selling products and recruiting new people to help in the sales. The two-fold approach offers multiple ways to earn income. You can focus on selling the products and earning commissions from the profits. Or, you can focus on bringing more people into the company who will help you make money from their membership fee and a percentage of the sales that they generate.

One aspect to keep in mind is that there are restrictions on certain social media sites about running ads for CBD products. To answer the question of can you advertise CBD on Facebook? The answer is yes and no. Yes, you can run ads for topical CBD products and ingestible hemp, but not for ingestible CBD. You may find other restrictions as well which makes CBD challenging to advertise.

That is why a CBD MLM offers a great way to get started. They understand the rules and can help guide you towards the best way to advertise the products. MLM companies offer a great way to get your foot in the door with a minimal output of cash. You can start small and build your way up over time. But which MLM companies offer you the best opportunities?

Best CBD MLM Companies

What follows are some of the best, most reputable CBD MLM companies around. And while they have their advantages and disadvantages, they are all well established in the CBD and MLM fields.

CBD Pure

One of the fastest growing companies, CBD Pure is not a traditional MLM. Their affiliate program offers a quite generous 40%, which is higher compared to most other MLM companies. However, it is built on one-time sales and not residuals like the competition. The company itself is based out of Europe and is rapidly growing in the market. CBD Pure is certainly worth checking out if you are looking to make quicker cash sooner rather than build on residuals that take time.


One of the most successful MLM companies around, Herbalife has recently expanded into the CBD field. The result is that those interested in marketing CBD products have one of the best, most experienced MLM companies by their side.

For newcomers, it means that you can build your business entirely with CBD or you can expand by using the many other non-CBD products that Herbalife has to offer. The flexibility combined with one of the better percentages for sales and new recruits makes this company one of the best.


One of the older companies having been established four years before the legalization of CBD. Kannaway focused mostly on the medical marijuana field before diving into cannabidiol. The products are made from European hemp that is non-GMO. The result is a pure CBD oil that is free of all contaminants.

Kannaway is a popular MLM company with considerable profits thanks to its wide range of CBD products. It also offers a solid percentage of sales that are magnified by the number of new people that you bring into the company. If you are looking to get started, then Kannaway is a great place to begin.

My Club 8

This may be the sleeper of the bunch. While My Club 8 started off with considerable fanfare, they slipped into distributing issues shortly after their launch. The result is that you may have a considerable opportunity to get in with a company that is re-establishing itself.

What makes My Club 8 different than most other MLMs on the list is that they are really a middleman for a wholesaler. So the emphasis is on sales and not necessarily getting new recruits. The products are solid, but the commissions are not as high compared to many other MLM companies. However, it is one of the least expensive companies to join and may be worth a shot for those on a limited budget.


Another longtime stable MLM organization in the mold of Herbalife, NuSkin focuses on health and beauty products. They have recently added CBD to their lineup which provides you with an excellent opportunity for sales. Although they may not offer the best in percentages. The stability and reputation of the company is more than enough to make them a solid first choice for getting into CBD multi level marketing.

Prime My Body

There is little doubt that Prime My Body is one of the most popular and flashy of all CBD MLM companies. You can see that from their website and the products being offered. What is true is that Prime My Body offers CBD oil that is rather expensive compared to most other companies. In fact, this MLM company is one of the most expensive to join.

However, the management is quite good and the marketing effort sound. So, while you will pay more to join, it may be worth it if you can take advantage of the exceptional marketing opportunities the company provides.


One of the better known CBD MLM companies, Trevo has enjoyed considerable success for their CBD oil. As well as providing nutritional supplements which makes a compatible one-two punch for your marketing efforts. The downside is that the company has run into a few issues based on the lawsuits that have been filed. So you may want to consider long and hard before joining them.


Joining a CBD multi level marketing company offers an inexpensive way to get into the cannabidiol field. You can create your own business within a company. And make considerable profits both in selling and getting new people to help you sell. And while the question of can you advertise CBD on Facebook and other social media sources is yes and no. The marketing opportunities are still considerable when you know where to go.

So, if you want to cash in on the CBD craze, but do not have the money to start your own company. Joining a CBD MLM may be the perfect answer.