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CBD Marketing on Facebook and Instagram


Marketing on Facebook and Instagram is the most complicated channel to market CBD products. But if done correctly it can deliver some of the highest returns on your investment.

Below are a few bullet point insights for creating Facebook and Instagram ads for your CBD company.

Know the Risks – Understand that Facebook can shutdown your ad account at anytime for any reason. So don’t run CBD ads on accounts you’re using for other businesses, even if you’re following all the guidelines.

Things to remember while creating ads…

  • Don’t make any health claims.
  • Don’t mention CBD within the ads text and don’t have a CBD product within the image.
  • Don’t have CBD in your link. This means if your domain contains the word CBD it will be nearly impossible to gain Facebook approval.
  • Don’t have the word CBD on the website you’re sending traffic to. Facebook bots will see this and the ads will get shut down. Instead, use words like hemp and infused.


Anyone who sees your ad can report it to Facebook. To lower the risk of this happening, target only people who have previously been to your website or a custom audience of your previous customers.

Be Creative with CBD Marketing on Facebook

A method we’ve had a lot of success with is purchasing sponsored articles on trustworthy domains then running Facebook ads to that article. Potential customers read the article then visit your website to make a purchase.

Run engagement campaigns without a link to your website. Remember, target previous website visitors or customers only. They’ll be highly engaging and the continued brand awareness will result in additional sales.

A Facebook like campaign is a safe way to market your CBD company on Facebook. However, only use this method if you’re posting to your Facebook page at least a few times a week.

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